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Dream Interpretations

Dreams are different thoughts and feelings that come to you when you are asleep. When your body is sleeping you are deep in rest and your dreams can be funny, scary, weird, loving, exciting and many times not even logical. Dreams are one thing that is related to your subconscious mind and there are reasons that different dreams fall into different categories.

Some dreams are ones that you can remember while others you wake up and remembered that you dream but you cannot remember any details. Some dreams are not remembered at all. The ones that you do end up remembering often have a deep impact on you and they mean something to you, even if you aren’t sure what they mean.

Over time, there have been thousands and thousands of people that have tried to interpret dreams. Dreams come with different signs and sometimes they can even be a part of your past life.  We have to remember that our mind is like a camera and the things that we remember are like pictures. Our dreams can guide you through these feelings and thoughts and they can help you to see what your past was like so that you do not make the same mistakes. Here are some signs that could show that your dream is because of your past life:

Things that Don’t Exist

We know people and meet new people almost everyday and we go places and pass places that we might not even notice. People and places play a huge role in our daily lives and this is to the point where you forget some people and places and do not even remember that you have seen them. This is where your brain plays a role. Your brain will take those places and will take a picture of them in your subconscious.

When we sew people, we can know who they are, but this does not mean the same thing if you have seen people from your past life.


Everyone has dreamed and might not even know who you are in your dream and this can happen because it can be a dream about your past life. Maybe your face is the same but everything else, including your looks and behavior are different. You might not even have the same name.


The future is always changing because of free will and whatever actions you do are what changes the future. When you dream, your future is always changing. The dreams of your past though, they do not change because they have already happened. So, if you see something from your past life, it is something that has happened, and you cannot change that.

Injuries or Accidents

Things that you have experienced in your past that are good or even traumatic are part of your mind. This is one thing that happens in your sleep and if you have had an injury or something traumatic happen to your in your past life, you will possibly dream of it.

Feelings of Being Incomplete

Dreams can make you see some things that you want and desire in your life. If there is something that you really want to have now, chances are it was something that you wanted in your past life and you never got it.

Déjà vu

Most people have experienced Déjà vu at one time or another. You seem to know that you have been there or what is going to happen.


Some people believe that the soul never dies, just the body. Some people feel older because they have lived many past lives. This can mean you feel different than other people your own age and this can be because of your reincarnated soul.

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