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Spirit Guide Warnings

Many people believe in spirit guides but do not realize how important they are in our lives. The spirit guides will work to do more for you than you ever imagined.

People know that a spirit guide is there, but they seem to not know how much they really depend on them in their everyday life or what they really believe about them. They believe that they are watched by these spirit guides or guardian angels, but they do not realize that they help the soul to go in the right direction and that they are working in your favor.

Spirit guides are so kind and giving and they protect us even more than we know. The guide will tell you when something is coming that is dangerous to you and they will show you how to communicate with them and how to be more aware of them talking to you.

Your spirit guide will try to make you aware when bad things are happening, and you have to learn to be able to pay more attention to what they are saying.

Warning Signs

Your spirit guide will give you warnings when something is wrong, and something is going on or coming in your life. Here are some ways they do it:


When something bad is about to happen, you might notice that your smell something bad. Maybe you smell smoke and the house down the street is on fire and you were not aware of it yet. Pay attention to things and your spirit guide can protect you.

Missing Things

If you are missing something, you can ask your spirit guide to help you to find it but sometimes your spirit guide moves things from you so that you can avoid danger. One example of this is your keys. If you have a hard time finding your keys, chances are your spirit guide moved them so that you can leave later and avoid an accident.


When you think of things in your past, you might all of a sudden remember a consequence of something you did. This could be your spirit guide warning you not to make the same mistake again.


Sometimes you will begin to doubt things or have negative feelings, and this could be your guide helping you not to go to something that will be painful for you.


Dreams are a big way that the spirit guide communicates with you. They might show you something that has happened in your dream. Do not ignore your dream and take time to even write down your dreams so that you do not forget them.


If you find out of nowhere that you have strong emotions, it could be your spirit guide telling you that something is about to happen. It could be something harmful coming your way.

Déjà vu

Your spirit guide might show you déjà vu so that you can be aware of what is going on around you. Déjà vu has saved the life of many people over the years.


If you see that your electronics are going crazy for no reason, this could be your spirit guide trying to show you something that you need to pay attention to.

Strange Things

Your spirit guide will sometimes show you things to make you take a step back and think on things. Maybe you have someone that won’t leave you alone or someone that annoys you. Once you talk to them, you might see that they are sent from your guide to help you and to keep you safe.

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