Steps to Getting Psychic Power
Psychic Readings

Steps to Getting Psychic Power

There are many steps in order to help you to increase your psychic power.  This is a breakdown of steps to help you live your best.


Meditating can help you to become more aware of what is happening to you spiritually.  If you try different methods, you will find ones that help you to focus the best and that will allow you to stay tuned in your thoughts and your intuition.

Notice Your Surroundings

Always pay attention to what is going on around you.  This can help to increase your awareness and can help you to strengthen the powers that you have inside.

Listen Closely

Make sure that you are quiet and that you listen.  This can help you to notice signs and behaviors.  When you have feelings come to your mind you need to figure out if they are real and if someone is communicating with you.  Act on these thoughts and see what happens.


Always journal your dreams.  If your dreams are repeated then you will have different meanings.

Stay Alone

When you are alone and in your quiet time, take this as a good thing.  This can help you to concentrate more.  Experiment staying away from noises and try to be in silence.  Listen to water flowing or sounds of the sea.


Always be sure to cleanse your area and your abilities.  Use cleansing on your home, workplace and body.

World Around You

Look around your environment and make sure that you keep things clear and free of clutter.  This can increase your gifts.


Try different practices and tools such as crystals or tarot cards.  Figure out the best way to focus on your gifts.  Do readings with tea leaves and pendulums.


Having gifts is important and you can increase them by getting hypnotized.  You can consider having a professional or you can do self-hypnosis.

Take Care of Yourself

Always make sure you are in good health and that you eat right.  Do not use too much caffeine or alcohol.

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