5 Tips to Talk to Angels
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5 Tips to Talk to Angels

Angels are always looking to connect with us.  You may have had angelic communication before and never realized it.  If you want to increase your ability to talk with angels and readily receive their aid then read further to discover five helpful tips.

  1. Notice physical sensations within your body

Angels opt to communicate with us in physical ways.  Does it seem like the temperature in your room suddenly shifts?  Did goosebumps appear ‘out of nowhere?”  Do you feel someone enter your energetic field, but no one is tangible nearby?  These are all signs of angels looking to get your attention.  Angels operate at higher frequencies than humans and as such prefer nonverbal forms of communication.

  1. Meditate and ask your angels to send you signs

Meditation helps us tap into higher vibrations by raising our energetic frequency.  During meditation, ask your angels to send you an easily recognizable sign.  Keep in mind angels may take some time to transmit this message for you to process.  It’s ok if the sign doesn’t appear immediately.  By sitting quietly without any distraction, you can become more receptive to spiritual wisdom.

  1. Pay attention to repeating numbers or songs

One of the most powerful repeating number is 11:11. This is a sign your angels are trying to talk to you. The more numbers repeat, especially 1’s, the stronger the bond between you and your angels. Increase awareness to what is around you to better understand the context of the message. If a song is frequently played it signifies a special relevance in your current life situation and your angels may be asking you to pay close attention to its significance.

  1. Before falling asleep, ask your angels to visit you in a dream

Angels excel at sending messages through our dreams since you enter into a higher state of being.  Before falling asleep send a sincere loving message to your angels about what you want to address in your dreams.  Even if they don’t appear on a given night, they have heard your request and will eventually appear.  Pay close attention to your dreams and waking states to gain vital insights into your situation or issue.

  1. Pray for their aid

Angels offer us the most help when we ask for assistance.  They will only intervene without request if you are in an emergency.  Since angels respect freewill, they will always respond to our cries for help.  You don’t have to utter the words out loud as angels can tune into our inner world to provide guidance and solace instantly.  Angels want to help you and will always be there for you, so never hesitate to call on them for loving support.

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