6 Ways to Keep Yourself Grounded
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6 Ways to Keep Yourself Grounded

If you find yourself in a state of turmoil, once of the most effective solutions is to practice grounding.  When you ground yourself, you are connecting the to wellspring of energy that springs forth from the Earth and Universe.  Often, people are ignorant to the importance of energy in our lives and how changes in electrical charge effect our very core.  Humans can easily become imbalanced energetically, which can lead to an array of problems.

By learning to Ground, one releases excess energy and once become balanced.  This will help the person sustain an optimal connection with both reality and the universal community.  Grounding can be tricky for individuals who can have heightened sensitivity, such as spiritual guides or healers.  However, learning effective strategies for Grounding are essential to these individuals’ well-being since they are more prone to absorbing external energies.  Below we have compiles six ways you can maintain a sense of grounding.

  1. Get ample rest

When you fail to get proper rest, you can live in a state of constant fatigue.  Being rested helps you both your physical and energetic health, as well as guards you from taking on negative vibrations. During states of fatigue we can easily get imbalanced energetically, which can lead to anxiety, disconnect, irritation, lack of focus and rapid changes of mood.  If you are struggling to get rest, make sure you practice the visualization exercises listed at the end of this article.

  1. Eat small meals regularly

Dips in blood sugar can be detrimental to our physical and energetic body.  By eating small meals at regular intervals, you can promote optimal energy flow.  It is helpful to make conscious decisions to eat higher vibrational foods like nuts, fruits and vegetables to maintain well-being.

  1. Drink water

The human body is comprised of over 60% water!  Staying hydrated is central to maintaining proper energy flow and connection to the universal community.

  1. Employ rocks and gemstones

Using rocks and gemstones are key ways to aid with grounding.  This is especially true of stones that are black (however, it is important to avoid Hematite if you have high blood pressure)!  Carry these black stones in your pocket or wear as jewelry around your wrist or ankle.  Black Tourmaline when worn on your left ankle is especially useful in grounding.  Again, reference the visualization exercises at the end of this article for more tips on Energetic Grounding.

  1. Earthing

Nature has a profoundly calming effect and allows people to center more readily.  When you are able to connect to the earth, it helps to absorb your excess energy and purify it.  The cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra found that using nature to ground our energies serves to neutralize the positive ions we collect in our daily life from sources such as our residences, our lighting, and especially the technological products we employ.  Nature provides our bodies rest and a surge of negative ions which ultimately balances out or overstimulated energetic fields.

  1. Visualization

An easy and fast grounding exercise is to imagine yourself standing onto a pile of soil.  Feel the earth’s energy pulse around your feet.  Allow the energy to pull up through your legs, into your spine, and up to the crown of your head.  Enjoy the sensations and allow the energy to move through your entire body.

Another grounding exercise involves you picturing roots growing out of your feet and probing deep into the earth.  Let yourself picture a robust taproot spring forth from the souls of your feet and diving four feet into the earth.  See these roots growing further away from you and creating a solid and expansive root system that radiates roughly the circumference of your body.  Notice how your body feels more intimately connected to the earth.  Allow this bond to promote energy circulation from up your legs, into your spine, up to your head, and finally throughout your body.

Grounding is able to be performed anywhere, but requires mindfulness and receptivity.  It is especially important for anyone performing any psychic work or energy healing, both before and after a session.  It is also helpful for anyone undergoing a stressful period or task.

Special note on grounding exercises

Many types of grounding visualizations exist and often involves tapping into energy from a spiritual source and then let it course up through your feet, up to your head and then circulate throughout the body.  Spiritual sources can be effective for some, but a natural source is accessible to all, and acts to serve you in the here and now as well as immediately purify any excess or negative energy.

Grounding exercises from any source help allow you to balance yourself energetically in your daily existence.  Exercises are simple and require little time or effort.  You have nothing to lose by trying one today, but you will gain a plethora of blessings!

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