Using the Law of Attraction to Have a Better Life
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Using the Law of Attraction to Have a Better Life

When you are able to visualize your thoughts and your dreams, you can learn to manifest them into your life. Think of things that can happen to you and good things that you want. Did you know that you can make these things happen?

The Law of Attraction tells us that when you are positive, you can make positive things happen to you in your life. Some people do not believe this, but others go out of their way to have positive thinking and to change their thinking process so that they can be open to new things. This can allow positive things to come into your life and can help you in all areas.

Maybe you are someone that has had a lot of stress and anxiety lately. Maybe your job and your relationships have gone sour and you have little on your mind that is positive. Maybe since you are experience bad things, you feel that you are being forced to suffer when really it could be your attitude that is bringing these things to you.

The way that you think will determine how you feel. If you choose to be happy, you will be able to use the Law of Attraction to make you happy and to make your life better.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction says that whatever you put into the universe will come to you because like attracts like. When you think positive and feel positive, you are able to bring things to you that are good. When you think negative thoughts, negativity can come to you and bad things.

According to science, electrical charges attract the opposite, positive attracts negative and so forth. This can be similar to the law of attraction because we are humans, and we are able to attract things to our lives.

People often attract people that are similar to them and have the same mind. They say that opposites do attract but this is very seldom true in most aspects. Most of the time you will have the similar values and ideas of someone, and you will see how similar you are to each other.

This is the same with your friends and with your romantic partners. You get along with people because they are similar to you and this is how the Law of Attraction works.

When you create bonds with people, the Law of Attraction allows you to see things from a different point of view. If you choose to see them as positive, your relationship can work but if you choose negative, you will always be seeing the bad things in the relationship.

If you choose to be positive and to keep an open mind, you will see that you can attract people to your life that are positive and caring.

Using the Law of Attraction

You can change your thoughts and beliefs and improve your life. Here are some ways to do that:

Think Positively

Change the way that you are thinking. Your thoughts will determine what you are going to feel about something. You can change your actions to choose to be happy and successful.

Learn to be happy and to accept that you deserve this. When you think negative all the time, you will always be thinking bad things and you will miss out on good things that can come to your life. Never give up and choose to give your all and this will make a difference.

Do not allow negativity to swallow you and to take over your life.

Choose Happiness

You can choose to be happy and to love. Choose to be passionate and star thinking of the good things in your life. If you are feeling guilty or negative, get rid of these thoughts and do not let them control you.

If you are leaving your life and you see poop from a bird on your car, do not get angry about it but just go to the car, clean it and it will be as good as new. You can see things from a different point of view and be positive.

Everyone can Choose Positivity

People can choose to be who they want to be. Sometimes we react with anger or we react too fast. We can learn to be better at controlling our anger and to learn to be calm and collected when life is hard.

Life is hard sometimes and it is hard to be positive all the time but if you learn to face negative things with a positive reaction, you will see that your life will get better and that you will have a higher self-image.

You will see your life improve and you will learn to interact differently and be able to face hard time with positivity.


Learn to be thankful for everything that you have. Be thankful if it is a little bit or a lot. Some many people are experiencing hardships that are way worse than what you are going through, and you need to be thankful for what you have.

Friends and Family

If you are having things hard right now, go and talk to people that are there for you such as your friends and family. Let them bond with you and become part of your heart and mind.

This can be hard because people are always worried about how others will react to them and they miss out on relationships because of this. There are some people that have no family or friends, and they are there only to support themselves.

These people have no one and you have a family and friends that are there to support you and help you to be stronger each day.


Another thing that you need to be thankful for is your job. Even if your job is not the best, some people have worked hard to try to get a job and cannot. Maybe you don’t feel rewarded enough or maybe you don’t feel that you are treated right, at least you have a job.

Be thankful for what you do have and allow things to come to you. You will see that times are hard and that you need to be thankful for the money that you have and the job that you are in. Being negative about your job will make it worse for you.


Take time to imagine your dreams and to make them a reality. Your dreams do not just have to be a fantasy and when you choose to see yourself happy in the future, you will be more successful down the road. You will have the power to imagine your dreams coming true and to see how great your life can really be.


Your imagination can be powerful and when you imagine your dreams coming true, you can manifest them into your life. You can make your dreams real to you and you have the power to make this happen.

Everyone dreams and everyone can picture them and see them come to them. This can manifest them to you and help you to reach them.

Imagine all of the good things that you will do when your dreams come true and the feeling that you will have after being motivated to be the best you can be.

Make Dreams

You can make your dreams anything you want them to be. Imagine that you are a dream maker and that you have an empty board to make your dreams whatever you want them to be. These things can become whatever you want them to be.

Put your dreams out there and get really creative. Write down everything that you want and everything that you plan on being. Do you want your own business, or do you want to travel more? Maybe you want to lose weight or meet new people. Imagine all of the dreams you have and how successful you can be in your life.

Never Forget

If you want to have thing, you have to know why you want them. Make your goals and never forget where you started. Never forget where you were when you went to meet your dreams and to make your goals come to life.

You have goals and you are planning things to reach these goals. Do what it takes to get what you want and never forget why you want these things. What motivates you to reach your goals? These are hard questions, but you must answer them to see your dreams come true.


Find ways to be inspired by others. Have feelings in your dreams and be positive about what you want. The things you want will inspire you and make you know why you want them.

Set goals that will make you have feelings and where you can smell your dreams and know that they are going to come true.

You have a reason for what you want in your life, connect to that reason, and find out what your feelings mean and where they come from. Allow your dreams to come true.

When you have reasons for doing things, you are able to justify yourself and to get rid of doubt. You must get rid of the doubt if you want to see your dreams come true.

Put your effort into your dreams and reach the dreams that you have. Pursue them and find your happiness.


The Law of Attraction is something that you can do to reach your goals and dreams.  This is something that is not always popular with other but if you can learn this and you can be more positive, you will see that your life can be satisfying and great.

Learn to have a better life and to feel better about your thoughts and your actions. Learn to be positive so that you can attract positivity in your life. Learn to make good things happen for yourself by controlling your thoughts and your words.

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