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Believing in Your Spirit Guides

Sometimes when you want to talk to your spirit guides, you have to take a step back and allow your thinking to stop for a while. Maybe you want to know the meaning of life and you are always focused on that but taking a break sometimes can allow you to have clear thinking.

The guides are there to support you and when you connect with your spirit, they will give you different signs and symbols to help you figure out your path in life. You may see these when you dream or when you meditate.

A spirit guide can come in different forms it can be an animal or even a human. They can come just as a voice or as a cloud and it depends on how they want to come to you. This is their energy, and they can put it wherever they want.

The spirit guides are full of high energy and when it comes to you, it can feel good and make you feel that you are able to make it through another day.

When life is challenging and your guides show up, it allows you to bask int heir energy and will show you love and compassion.

Trusting your guides can be hard and it takes you time and practice in order to really learn to trust them. You can learn to develop this trust and learn to communicate with them through different energies.

These spirits will show up and will help you to relax. They help you to feel better when you are stressed and help you to be calm.

The guides will forgive you and help you to be forgiving as well. They will be there to protect you like you are a child. In their eyes, everyone is a child that is innocent.

The spirits never see anything that you have done wrong and they will protect you and help you to love yourself more. What happened to you the last time someone loved you wholly and you never expected it? Your guides are there to do this for you and to encourage you and give you confidence in what you do.

Do you want to communicate and trust your guides even more than you do? Here are some ways to do that:

Imagine Them

Take time to try to imagine your guides and their energy. Try to figure out what your guides look like and what their bodies look like. Does your guide have wings? Do you feel that your guide is there and wearing your favorite color?

Imagine what your guides are like and take time to smile and wrap yourself in their vision. Imagine that they are hugging you and loving you.

Once you feel their energy, you will feel that you can trust them more.

Talk to Them

Take time each day, or multiple times a day and talk to your guides. Ask them to lead you and guide you. Ask them to share their energy with you and to open up your intuition. Here are some things you can ask them:

  • What would make me happy today?
  • How can I make a difference in the world?
  • What thing can I do to reach my goals?
  • What can I do to be more loving?

Focus on how your guides make you feel and then when you want to communicate, do it even without talking to them. This can be imagining them or thanking them in your mind.

Some people will ask their guides to meet with them once a day and then they will meet them through meditation or other means.

Trust They Love You

The guides are there to take care of you and they are not there just when you succeed. Thye want you to learn your lessons so that you can become a better self, and this can help you to have an open heart. Once you have a deeper connection with them, your life will feel amazing and easy.

There are things that you have to do to make yourself more trusting and you can ask your guides to help you. Do not handle things on your own but ask your guides to help and when they do, it can open up your trust.

Do not give up on helping yourself but allow them to help you help yourself. This will help you to flow and your intuition to go through you and guide you.


Always imagine your spirit guides with you and give them attention through your words and non-verbal ways. Make sure that you thank your guides.

Your guides will want you to know that they are there for you and they will do what they can to connect with you. Once you see the signs, you will know they are there for you.

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