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10 Ways to Become More Spiritual

Spirituality is an intimate connection with the divine. The unique part about that is it can be unique to every person, depending on what they consider divine. Many find it in religion, some in nature, and others within themselves.

People seek to become spiritual because it is within our DNA to do so. Whatever your view of God, you can’t deny that humans were created to be eternal. Humans don’t have souls. They are souls. It’s no wonder we seek an eternal existence.

Spirituality can, on a practical level, help you find peace, contentment, deal with the trouble, and even live longer.

Here are 10 ways you can delve into your spiritual side:

  1. Realize that you are a spiritual being.

Our bodies are just the vessel for our souls, according to author Linda Pendleton. Once you acknowledge that, everything that comes with it becomes a joy.

  1. Meditate and pray.

Nothing can calm you, give you a sense of belonging, and provide good guidance than meditating and prayer. This quiet time clears your mind and helps you focus on the important things of life.

  1. Be grateful.

Recognizing your blessings in this life puts things in perspective, especially when trouble comes. Many spiritual leaders believe gratitude changes circumstances, but even if it doesn’t, it changes your perception.

  1. Commit to something.

According to author Nathan Thompson, people can jump from activity to activity and philosophy to philosophy without really grounding themselves in anything. Get grounded to a set of foundational values that become your rock. This will ground you spiritually as well because you will build your life around those values.

  1. Find a group to be accountable to and study with.

Spirituality requires some discipline and having a group of like minds is helpful when trying to implement that in your life. Having a study group to bounce ideas off of and study your faith will inspire and grow you.

  1. Find a mentor.

Anyone new to faith needs an older, wiser person to guide them in spirituality. This should be someone who has regard among the community and a solid reputation. It needs to be someone worthy of trust because you are vulnerable.

  1. Acknowledge God’s presence.

This means expressing the idea of God being all present in every situation. Practice talking to God. Spirituality is a relationship and you have to constantly enhance that relationship with communication and devotion.

  1. Be present.

Author Leonard Jacobson refers to “awakening” where people are fully present at any moment they are living.  When you are present, you are free from the past and are not worried about tomorrow. You are living in the moment, enjoying that moment without planning the next.

  1. Practice radical kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.

These concepts are what outpours spirituality to others. It is how humans act out their faith. The idea of getting involved in the lives of others will transform your own life, according to author Robert Kopecky.

  1. Take a spiritual retreat.

Everyone needs time to recharge and getting away from technology to nature is a way to enhance your connection to spiritual things, according to author Katinka Hesselink. It is important to be quiet sometimes and simply listen.

Incorporating these things into your life will do a lot to enhance your spiritual side. It will bring you a peace you may not have felt in a long time and also serves to point you to guidance on living your life with joy.

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