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Good Things about Highly Intuitive People

Many believe that the most powerful gift that someone can have been intuition. When a woman is able to listen to her inner being, she is able to do what is best for herself. When someone is highly intuitive, they are able to do different things than other people.

There are numerous characteristics and traits of someone that is highly intuitive but here are some of the ones that describe them differently than the rest of the world:

Listen and Obey

One of the biggest traits of this kind of person is that they are able to listen to the voices inside of themselves. Not only do they hear, but they also listen to the advice they are given.

Observe Where They Are

These people are able to listen to their gut feeling and they are able to know where they are and if they are safe. They are able to read their environment and to make decisions fast. When they have an impulse, they know to listen or to ignore it.


These people will listen to what their dreams are trying to tell them. They know that their unconscious mind is usually right, and they know that their dreams are very important. They are inspired by what they see in their dreams both good and bad.


Highly intuitive people have strong feelings, and they know not to ignore these feelings. They find messages in their emotions, and they know that they are important and are telling them something.

Center on What is Now

These people are able to take what they are hearing and use it to block away anything that is not necessary in their thoughts. They can communicate with their mind and their gut and know what they are supposed to be feeling and doing.


Most of the time HIP are able to be positive. Even when negative feelings come, they learn to find a lesson in their feelings, and they learn to see how they can move forward in a positive way.


These people don’t always know that they are highly intuitive, and they often wonder why they know so much. They are very aware of their purpose, and they know how to get the answers that they need.

Deep Thinkers

You might see someone with this gift and find that they are always thinking and contemplating things. They are able to focus their thoughts on what they believe and what they find valuable and do something with it.

Listening to Signs

They listen to whatever the universe is trying to tell them. They are able to see more than what they see in their eyes, and they find things that happen around them significant.

Understand Other People

Intuitive people are great at understanding what other people are feeling and thinking. They are able to pick up on the vibrations of other people and things around them and this gives them information. This helps them to know how to act and respond when things happen.

Trusting Others

Highly intuitive people know others and they know their feelings and what their intentions are. They are able to give responses and they are able to see if someone is truthful or if they are lying.

Creativity and Imagination

There are people that are able to embrace their creative sides and to use their imagination for good. They are able to use thoughts and ideas to see things in different perspectives.

Peace and Relaxation

HIP know how to use their intuition to help them to have peace and relaxation. They use their energies to create good things for themselves and for others. They are able to think things through and to have thoughts that help others.

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