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Do Indigo Kids Have Psychic Giftings?

Do you know kids that are different than other kids and they never seem to fit in? Do you know even very young kids that experience depression because they are so different that no one understands them?

Some children are given a diagnosis such as ADD or ADHD and medicated because they are different. Some of these kids are just given special giftings and they are able to hear things into the spiritual world that others cannot see or understand.

When a child comes to someone and tells them that they can see and talk to the dead, this can be hard for others to accept. Even if this is a psychic ability, many people do not believe in this and so it is hard for them to understand these giftings, especially on children.

These children are often called indigo children because they are named after the color of the aura that is around them.

Children that are considered indigo children are children that have psychic giftings and they are very spiritual in their life. These children are able to do more than other kids their own age.

Even though this is considered something paranormal, some parents have a hard time accepting this in their children while others are able to accept it with open arms.

Other Lives

Some children, called indigo children, are able to remember things in their previous life. When this happens, it can come in the way of a memory or in lucid dreaming.

These children will take about their past lives, and they will talk about angels or someone that has died. These children are not able to conform to society and they are often very sensitive and emotional.

Indigo children have been experiencing life at a different level than other people do. They are able to have conversations with angels. There are many people that do not believe in this and those are the people that want to diagnose these children with disorders such as behavioral or mental disorders.

Paranormal Gifts

There is no scientific evidence that can prove or disprove paranormal or psychic giftings. Some children are just different, and adults are focused on their behavior, but they sometimes don’t understand why the child is so different.

These children often act like adults, and they feel more in charge than other children do. Children will sometimes even make the choice of who they want to call “mom” and “dad” and they will come back later and say that someone that had passed on was who helped them to choose their parents.

When this happens, it will be very memorable, especially because the person had died. Some indigo children will give messages to their family from the spirit world, and they will be able to reveal things that others do not know.

Some indigo children will come and will tell things that have happened in the past that no one had ever told them. These children are full of feelings, and they often go into trances or are very intense in who they attach to and what they do. They have a hard time being accepted and they will want to be around those that do.


Indigo children are on earth to help others and they will often go out of their way even as children to help others to heal and to help others with problems.

Some children with this gift are able to give advice to adults even though they are so much older. They seem to know how to handle problems.

Discovering the Gift

Once the parent is able to discover their indigo child’s gift, the child will feel free and will no longer feel misunderstood. This opens up a new world to them and allows them to help others with the feelings that they go through where they feel that they don’t belong in this life or in this world.

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