Creating a Psychic Shield of Protection
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Creating a Psychic Shield of Protection

We all need to practice shielding ourselves before we leave our homes. We put on clothing to protect us from the elements and carry an umbrella if it will rain, so we need to put on a psychic shield to protect our energy as well. This creation of a psychic shield should be undertaken daily. Each morning, take time to create your personal shield. There are a variety of visualizations that can be use to enhance the shield, but white light is a favorite. Try some of the following to create your psychic shield.


Using your imagination to build a psychic shield, think about a bubble of light surrounding you one all sides, over and under. Extend it six inches above your head, below your feet an all around your body. To enhance this shield, imagine something running straight for you full force, hitting the bubble, and bouncing off without leaving a mark. Another variation of this is to draw a bubble with your hand and step through it, imagining yourself encapsulated within its edges, but still able to move freely throughout your day. If you are attuned to Reiki II, try drawing the empowerment symbol in a form as tall as you happen to be and then walk through it. This bubble shield is a great choice for keeping negativity away from you and returning it to the sender.

Disco Ball

The disco ball is perfect for large crowds or even traveling as you can imagine a mirrored disco ball, just like those at dances, and see yourself walking and resting in it. The mirrors on the ball will deflect negativity and reflect it back to the sender. Mirrors have always been used as a symbol of protection, so imagine yourself standing in that disco ball. This is the best choice for crowded events like a concert, airport, or even shopping mall. Any area that will allow for a bombardment of energy from multiple people is perfect for the disco ball.

Purple Flame

The purple flame is for those who have negativity that stems from inner anxiety and worry. Start by grounding yourself by imagining tree roots that are growing from your feet and into the solid ground. Take several deep breaths and focus your energy on the solar plexus chakra that is located just above the navel. Then, picture a yellow flame that is glowing in the area and watch as it expands, filling up the entire body with warmth and glowing light. Watch as the flame turns a bluish purple and blends into a bright purple flame. This spiritual fire is used to burn away negativity from within.


If you know ahead of time that you will be around energy vampires or great negativity then the tornado technique can be highly effective. Just before you walk into this type of situation, imagine a swirling white light that begins at your feet and churns, swirling in a clockwise direction exactly 12 times as it grows and covers your body. Continue the swirling around your aura so that any chaotic negative energy will be swept up and away as it is broken up. Allow the tornado to grow at least three feet out from you as you go about your day.

Invisibility Cloak

Keeping a low profile can be done with the invisibility cloak. Simply imagine placing a clear, see through cloak on your shoulders and pull the hood over your head as you zip up the front. Imagine that people will be able to walk right by without seeing you or taking notice. This is not to be used if you want recognition, but is perfect to stay under the radar.

Knight in Shining Armor

When facing a situation in which you nee extra strength, imagine putting on a full suit of armor. Pull on each piece starting with the legs, the steel plate, and then the arm sleeves. Move up to place the helmet and pull down the face shield. Finally, pick up the shield and head out to face the day. For extra protection, imagine a symbol that is meaningful for you on the shield. Wearing this form of protection is a reminder that you are in charge of your energy. This is the choice of empowerment and strength.

As you explore these different forms of shielding techniques, you will find that the shields are invaluable for energy protection and safety. You also have the ability to project shields on others that are around you. This would work for a child who is worried about their first day at school or a friend struggling through some life trial. The more you become aware of your own energy and the ability to take control of it, the stronger, happier, and even healthier you will feel.

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