Great Things to Know About Mediumship
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Great Things to Know About Mediumship

Being a medium is a gift form the universe. This is a spiritual gift that works with the spirit and the body. When someone dies, they move to a different world. Mediumship has changed over time and has become something different, taking out the mystery.


It used to be illegal to have trances in your homes. In the 1800’s, a medium would allow a spirit to come in and they would go into a trance. This would allow the spirit to take over the conscious mind and to speak through others.


Being in a deep trance means that you can allow the spirit to use the medium to communicate with them. This can create a change inside of the person.


When you are in a trance, chances are that you can hear the voices of your loved one that has passed over. This can be a clear voice and one that you will recognize.

A medium would help them to speak and would learn to practice making sure someone wasn’t being a fraud or not.

The medium should be very accurate and should be able to give information that can be released.

Mediumship Now

The communicator will use the medium’s aura but will not be able to control it. This is more in the mind.


A medium that is able to feel things without any real knowledge is considered a clairsentience and can communicate from those that have passed on.


Someone that is able to hear things in their mind can spread messages and words from others.


A clairvoyant is someone that can see things clear. The medium can see pictures or visions in their mind that can help to give other people guidance.

A spirit can come and show themselves to the medium so that they can communicate with them and show their family what is going on.

Some mediums will use different forms of communication and no two mediums are going to be exactly the same as the other.

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