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How Do Clairaudients Distinguish Voices?

It is possible for clairaudients to hear distinct voices.  Those with the gift of psychic hearing will tell you voices don’t all sound the same.  With practice you can recognize what being is trying to communicate with you best on the sound of their spiritual voice or how you feel when they send you messages.

Psychic communication is centered on relationship building with those not on the physical plane. Just like you can identify physical voices of living people, clairaudients can pinpoint spiritual voices. Your ancestor will sound completely different from one of your spirit guides. Below we have shared some of the way clairaudients identify specific voices.

Distinct beings will have distinct sounds

A simple way to tell two beings apart is to notice how their sound differs.  One may have a lower pitch tone than the other.  In another case one being may be loud with another could speak in whispers.  They could also differ in the pacing of how they speak.  Keep in mind not all clairaudients hear with their physical ears and hear them inside their head.  The more practice and notice the messages you receive, the better you will get and hearing the various nuances of each outreach.

Your response to them may differ

How does your physical body react during various communications?  Perhaps you feel happy, nervous, or grounded.  Body reactions can convey important psychic information.  If you feel fearful, you could be dealing with malicious entity and should immediately cease contact.  You can recognize voices in a communication with multiple beings based on how you feel physically when a message is coming through.

Each being has a unique style

Much like in life, those in the afterlife have a variety of styles.  Some personalities are big and others like the stay in the background.  Some beings are jokesters, while others are more business-minded.  Spirit Guides in particular have various personas and getting know all of their difference can heighten your connection with each one.

They can appear in special situations

Certain voice will come through only in certain moments. A spirit guide working to bring your career success will show up only when you are working.  A spirit guide that protects your safety will manifest during moments you are in danger.  By paying attention to the different voices and when they appear, you can begin to form certain patterns about who is who.

The importance of knowing a voice’s source

It is helpful to know the source of any message with communicating with spiritual beings.  First, ensure you are not engaging with a negative force.  By being able to distinguish voices, a clairaudient can build more fulfilling relationships.  Having special connections to each of your spirit guides or ancestors, you can get receive a more impactful message.

What if I can’t tell them apart?

It’s ok if you can’t identify separate voices.  It’s appropriate and encouraged to ask a being contacting you who they are.  Listen to the answer you receive.  You can receive additional insight to the voice’s source through meditations.  Envision yourself inviting the entity to a place that brings your joy and grounds you.  See yourself welcoming them and then being a conversation with them.  Inquire to who they are and any other questions you have.  Trust the answers you receive.  When you sense the conversation is over, thank the being for their time and insight.  Envision yourself leaving the meeting space and allow yourself to gradually exit your meditative state.  Afterwards, it’s helpful to journal about the interaction before you forget any details.

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