Seeing 11:11 and Why?
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Seeing 11:11 and Why?

Do you keep seeing 11:11 and you aren’t sure why? Were you guided to find out why the number 11 or 1111 is so important?

Some people believe that the number 11:11 means that an angel is close to you. Angels come to people to help guide them and protect them. They want them to have good lives and they want to be close to you so that they can send you messages that you can figure out.

The number 11:11 is a Master Number. A Master Number is a number that is from the spirit world and it is there to show you something that you need to know. This is a number that is meant to send you a message.

When you are seeing a Master Number, it is reminding you that there is hope in your future and that you can do positive things to make changes in the world. Seeing 11:11 often means that you are on the right path and the universe is thankful that you are paying attention to it.

It is not a coincidence when you see numbers that repeat themselves. You need to pay attention to what is going on around you when you see 11:11 so that you can figure out the meaning of it.


One meaning that 11:11 has is a sequence to your thoughts. This means that you can think something and manifest it in your life. If you feel good and you are focused on something in your life, the universe will know it and the more positive you are, the more positive things you will attract.

When 1:11 or 11:11 is given to you as a message from your guides, you need to pay attention to what you are focusing on and what you want. Use the energy that is surrounding you to manifest things in your life.

When you see 11:11 as a sequence, you have to trust that the spiritual world is opening up to you. You need to pay attention to what you are thinking and if you need help, ask for help and learn to get help from your guides.

Have an open mind and allow the universe to bless you and to show you who you are really meant to be.

Thoughts and Feelings

Every thought and feeling that you have goes out to the universe. If you are thinking about the past or the future, you are using energy to send vibrations that will attract things to you.

If you are thinking of the past and it was negative, you are calling negative things to you. If you are thinking about your present and how good it is, you are sending positive things out to the universe that will come back to you. When you see the number 11:11 flash in front of you, pay attention to what you were thinking about.

You can manifest money to your life if you are thinking about financial abundance. Ask for it and change the way that you feel about money and stop worrying. When you worry it sends negative feelings into the universe and it can cause you to lack things.

When you understand how to change your negative feelings to positive, you will have positive experiences. You have to understand that 11:11 is an affirmation to you and you are affirming the truth when you get rid of negative thinking.

Focus on what is right in your life and not what is wrong.

Loved Ones

You can see 11:11 when you are getting a message from your guides, but you can also see this number when your loved ones that have passed over are trying to reach you. Your loved one is trying to give you a message. This could be the time of their death or the date of their birth.

Pay attention to the synchronicities that happen to you so that you can understand the messages and how they are meant for you.

When your loved one dies, they are close to you in spirit. They may want to come and tell you that they are watching over you or to tell you that they are okay. They can send you the numbers such as 11:11 so that you have peace.

Your loved one can help you towards your awakening and help you to wake up your psychic giftings. They can give you gifts and help you to let go of bad habits. Find your true self and remember your loved ones along the way.

When you see 11:11, remember your loved one and what they meant to you.


The number 11:11 can be seen often when you are going through your awakening. Remember this number and see what kind of physical changes you are going through and what is happening to you when you see this number.

There are different cultures around us, and everyone is different, but this is a blessing from the universe. You will have different world views and ideas and talents that can help out other people in different ways. When you learn to embrace your difference, you can learn to accept people and to love them.

Understanding others allows you to understand the universe and the plan. When you get at a deeper level, you will see your flaws and you will see the imperfections you have. You will go through things that disappoint you, but you will also see your soul growing.

Being at a soul level means that you are seeing things with new eyes and you are using your heart and mind to make decisions. You are beginning to see truth and to trust your spirit guide and yourself to lead you on the right path that is best for you.

The 11:11 can help you to remember and reactivate your inner being. This can help you to remember to put things in the right order in your life. When you are being led to your awakening, your vibrations have to increase. You have to remember things you have forgotten and let your divine nature show.

You were created for a purpose and part of your purpose is your spiritual being. You have to remember that there is a master plan in your life, and you are part of the plan in the universe.


When you see the numbers 1111 or 11:11 or 1:11, make a wish. This is intervention from the divine world, and you can use your thoughts to manifest your gifts.

When you are descending into your spiritual being, you will think and speak bout things. Each time you step towards your awakening you are going towards the light and you are reaching your universal creator.

When you see these numbers, take a step into your thought, and think about the actions you need to take so that you can make things a reality. Be your true self and know your purpose.

What to Do Next

When you see 1111 remember that this is reaching your true self. Know what you desire and what you want to manifest in your life. Ask yourself why you are seeing this number and then let your vibrations take over for you.

Let your mind and emotions attract positive things in your life so that you can manifest into your reality. When you see 1111 you can know that this is part of your own reality and you can use your actions to complete a change in your life.

Pay attention to the choices that you are making and the thoughts you are having. Make wishes that are positive and get rid of negative emotions. Be positive in what you are feeling and remember that your emotions are a choice.

You can move forward if you want to and make decisions where you are more aware and where you are in a great moment. The universe will not judge you and will not put down your decisions.

The message behind the 1111 is that you need to be responsible and you need to direct yourself in a positive way. You need to remember your story and know that things can change at any time.

You are a spiritual being and a human and you will have a story to tell others. Know who you really are in life and show others the way to go.

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