How to Get Rid of Negative Energy at Home
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How to Get Rid of Negative Energy at Home

There is energy in your home and if you find that the energy in your home feels negative or it isn’t flowing the way that it once was, there are things that you can do to get rid of the stuck energies.

The environment around you can change the way that the energy flows and sometimes this energy can be blocked because of negative things that come around. This can even have to do with the emotions that you are having or any kinds of negative thinking.

The clutter of the energy around you can cause you to feel down and cause you to miss out on things that are good for you.

You can change the energy inside of your home and here are some ways to do it:

Sound Healing

You can use sound healing by playing music or getting a sound bowl. You can also ring a bell or make a happy noise. Find something that makes good noise and not loud or unpleasant noise to get rid of negative energies.


Get smells that are good for your house and make you feel happy. Use fresh flowers or things that bring up good things that you remember.


You can light a fire in the fire place, or you can light a candle. Even cooking can help to make the negative energies go away.


Move around your house by working out or by dancing. Learn to have fun. Open the windows and let the curtains blow in the breeze. Listen to children laughing and having fun.

Light the Room

Make sure that the room is very lit and that it is not dark. If any light bulbs need replaced, replace them. Look around your space and see what needs changed.

Fresh Air

Let the air in your home circulate or things can get stagnate. Open up the windows and let the fresh air flow through the home.

When the energy feels heavy, let the air blow through the house and open up the room with freshness and cleanliness.


Take time each day to mediate and to calm your mind. Doing this can clear your negative energy and can make you feel good in your mind and your body.

Fill your body and soul with good energy and let your life be a positive influence to those around you.


Move your furniture around and make sure that the energy around it is good. Take down anything on the walls that does not feel positive and listen to your body when you replace things.


There are animals that can bring positivity into your home. They can come to you, and they can leave positive and warm energy around you.

Cats might be attracted to places that are full of negative energy and they can get the negative energy to go away.

Clearing the Clutter

Get rid of clutter around your house. Doing this can bring about good energy and can make you feel better on many levels. Clean out drawers and closets and make sure that you get rid of all the clutter that is around your house.

Doing small changes can help you to have more positive energy in your home.

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