How to make your Psychic reading great
Psychic Readings

How to make your Psychic reading great

There are quite a number of adverts on tv promising great psychic valuations. There are also channels on YouTube doing the same.

An increase in interest in these spiritual activities is a great sign. They have made this a 2 billion dollar industry.

Probability is high in that you will at one point take these readings. Below are 5 tips that will guide you to achieve the perfect results:

  1. Be very specific about your needs from the reading.
    • What information do you seek?
    • Why is this information very crucial to you
    • How do you want this to reflect on your life
    • What kind of assistance do you require to achieve that

Once your very certain of your needs, your soul will definitely attract the right clairvoyants and mediums. These questions also  help you determine whether you need psychological, medical, legal or business assistance.

2. Apply common sense when picking a psychic or medium who can assist you in the way you need.

Psychics are differently talented. One may be a master in the recovery of lost stuff, another one a king in prediction. See below for the most common types of readers:

  • Prophets-they is capable of foretelling the future. They specify regions, time frames and can probably give insights about your current life. They are really specific and accurate.
  • Psychic Mediums: they act as a medium of communication between the living and the dead. They pass different types of messages across
  • Coaches: almost same as prophets as they can read what is to come, but also let you know how to use your intuition to achieve your desires.
  • Medical Intuitive: these are specialists in mental or physical issues. Of course, you still need to see a doctor but they may help with the healing.
  • Psychic Investigators- their talent is used to find persons, objects or crime resolution
  • Animal communicators- specialize in talking to animals and are highly recommended when having issues with your pets.

3. Price does not really determine how good or bad a reading is. If you’re considering a psychic and you develop a bad feeling towards them, just find another.

Psychics use many fancy names like spirit communicator or channeller. Others use complex tools like tarots and some mediums request for pictures of the person you may wish to link with.

All these tools and titles are not really as crucial as the service they offer, therefore watch out and go for the best.

  • Free Your Mind during a reading:

The aspect of fear can really influence your reading. Once you set your mind to the state that” I will only pay attention if you can prove your psychic abilities” you set up a barrier that may affect the reading process. Therefore to be open:

  • Breathe- stress makes people withhold their breath and is very common during first readings
  • Be Present: beware of your physical and psychological surroundings. The more attentive you are the better your reading will be.
  • Ask Questions: if you’re not specific about your needs, the psychic might have a very difficult time trying to help you. This might interfere with messages coming from the spirits. If you’re not sure of your requirements, then ask what your limits are
  • Avoid “Prove it” attitude: asking psychics to prove their abilities only piles pressure on them, as they are humans too. And this might lead to distorting messages from the spirits. Therefore be very thoughtful of the questions you ask them.
  • Respect is key: Body language and voice tone should be carefully considered.

4. Remain in control

When you visit a psychic looking for permission to execute your dreams, you can either be motivated or demotivated. Don’t allow anyone to make decisions for you and always remember that predictions are just a probability determined by your energy flow. Energy consists of thoughts, emotions and lot other. These readings are key in assisting you to develop the future you need and not just foretell it. To achieve this:

  • Focus on active and not passive queries

Substitute questions like “will this happen to me” with “how do I make this to occur”. This will only work if you’re specific about your needs otherwise seek for clarity first.

  • Only go with what makes sense to you: these people are never 100% right. There could be some misunderstanding of information in the way. Anything that doesn’t make sense, do not focus so much on it, let it go. If the information is really meant for you it will reappear in a different form.
  • Know when to see a psychic and when to seek help elsewhere. Life changing legal financial or medical decisions should lead you to a psychic as your first option. Try specialists In those fields first, you might actually get a clear view of your problem. Therefore always back whatever information you receive from a psychic with some professional aspect as well.

5. Grow your own intuitions:

best readings are associated with those with great intuitions.  Find books on intuitions and read them. It helps in decision making and understands your desires. Then you will have the requirements to be your own psychic.

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