Is It Possible to Only Be Friends with Your Twin Flame?
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Is It Possible to Only Be Friends with Your Twin Flame?

We hear so much about Twin Flames and romance, but could your Twin Flame come in the form of a non-romantic relationship? This is extraordinarily rare as Twin Flame connections are passionate and rooted in mutual attraction.  The sole exception occurs when you are a part of multiple Flame Set.  This happens in roughly 1% or less of “Twin” Flames, where the flames further cleave to form a cohort of three or more.  Typically, these bonds can involve the children of twin flame parents.  But in other cases, it can involve profoundly deep friendships that can manifest as a life-long union.

In the other 99% of unions, Twin Flames are lovers and best friends.  This means you two enjoy physical and emotional intimacy that complements your spiritual essence.  You don’t merely have sex; you enjoy a blissful physical exchange of energy that yokes you two even closer together and results in mind-blowing orgasms.

Unless you are the rare exception to the norm, your Twin Flame is not someone with whom you will be satisfied to have a plutonic bond.  You will forever crave not just your close emotional intimacy, but the physical affections as well.  Your feelings of friendship towards your Twin Flame serve to promote harmony and trust-building.  In fact, friendship is the cornerstone on which your union was forged.

Your Twin Flame is your friend, then teacher, next partner and then evolves into your ultimate lover.  This ladder of intimacy serves to nurture and mature your bond together.  However, this doesn’t mean that you both must take it slow.  Typically, Twin Flames relationship ignite quickly and the intensity of the fire only grows hotter!  This is because you are two halves of the same spiritual essence.  When you are ready to progress your relationship, you both will intuitively know it!

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