Energy Healer Struggles
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Energy Healer Struggles

Lightworkers are people that want to heal others and they will do this but, in the meantime,, they face their own struggles.  Lightworkers are always seeing things in darkness but with love and care for others and they often feel drained.  They protect themselves from the negative energy and the draining energy and do this with white light.  Otherwise, if they don’t, they will face darkness.

Lightworkers have problems and they sometimes need other lightworkers to help them and to fix their energies.  They too need healed sometimes and with divine light, they can work as earth-bound healers.  Here are some problems lightworkers face:

Karmic Problems

Lightworkers sometimes carry a lot of karmic burdens.  They will work hard to get rid of these and even when they are doing healing, they will fight these battles.  Lightworkers are living in the moment and they are trying to make the past right and do better things through their actions.

Getting Lost

When lightworkers have to fight karmic battles, they sometimes become fearful for a time and they have to be free of these in order to share the light.  They have to face their fears and they have to work against the physical world in order to have true identity.  They have to be blind to the ignorance around them and they must learn to understand the frequencies in order to be really helpful.


Depression can come when a lightworker is on a mission and they have to face their karmic burdens.  They can begin to want to give up or start doubting things.  When this happens, they have to figure out fast how to get out of these feelings.

Being Lonely

When a lightworker spends a lot of time healing others, they will sometimes become too empathetic and become in a state where they feel that their energy is not working at all.  They will pick up so many negative energies and then will feel that they have no one they can talk to.


Lightworkers do not be afraid of dying and they know that there is always energy that flows through the universe.  They will take risks and they will do things that allow them to struggle so that they can bring healing to others.  They always want to assist and make other people better.


A lightworker is someone that is always there and willing to heal someone else.  They fight a battle each and every day to try to make sure that those around them are able to fight through the things in their life that are getting them down.

Lightworkers take on the negative energies of the universe and in exchange, they often face times of darkness and pain.  Sometimes, they feel that they have no one that understands them, and they have a hard time relating their fears to their peers.

Sometimes, a lightworker will have to work through their own problems in order to be able to continue to see the light and to help others.  If you are a lightworker, know that there is peace at the end of the tunnel.

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