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Traits that Make it Hard to Love an Empath

Empaths are people that pick up the feelings and emotions of those that they are around. They are people that are very sensitive, and they are compassionate and loving.

The empath will get tired fast because they spend a lot of time trying to fight off their feelings and when they absorb the feelings of others, they get overwhelmed.

Empaths have many great qualities, and this is a gift for them but loving them is hard because of their character and what they need.

Why is it Hard to Love an Empath?

The traits of an empath make it hard to love them sometimes. They often need to spend time alone because they have to learn to understand the feelings of others that they pick up. Sometimes it makes them tired. When they are tired, they need to be alone to recharge.

Cannot Say No

An empath wants to please others and to fix everything and so they have a hard time telling people no. Instead of meeting their own needs, they often want to meet the needs of others.

This can cause them to not be able to have strong relationships because they are always doing things for them and not setting boundaries.


Because an empath is very sensitive, they have to focus on things and details. This can be distracting and annoying. It is hard to deal with someone that needs everything to be perfect.

Acting Like Your Parent

An empath wants to make sure everybody is safe and good. They will behave like a parent sometimes to try to keep you safe.  They forget that a good relationship is equal.

Fall for Emotional People

Empaths often fall for people that are emotionally hurt and that have a lot of problems. They often end up with narcissists because they give of themselves so much.


An empath is someone that is very honest. They know when someone is lying to them and they demand people to be truthful. This can be hard to handle sometimes because sometimes they are overly honest.

Stay Busy

Someone that is an empath is always busy helping everyone else. They want to be there for people that need them. This can be hard for an empath to have a partner because the partner might not understand why they are always dealing with everyone else’s problems.

Empaths do not really realize that they are helping others, but they do this because they value who people are and they want to see everyone happy.

Stressed Out

Empaths are often stressed out because of all of the emotions that they pick up. They deal with depression and anxiety because they always pick up on the pain of other people. This can cause them to be tired and exhausted.

Love is Complicated

An empath will love deeply but it is hard for them to have a relationship. They are difficult to deal with because they are too giving. They are too sensitive, and they always want to help others. This is hard for someone that isn’t an empath to understand.

Emotional Sponges

Empaths are like sponges because they absorb the energies and emotions of those around them and sometimes even items or places. They are sensitive and loving and they do not take time to care for their own emotional needs.

An empath is sensitive, and this can make it hard for them to be in relationships with people. They have a hard time finding people that are okay with them spending all of their time making other people happy. Empaths can be people that are very hard to love because of their traits.

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