What Kind of Empath Are You?
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What Kind of Empath Are You?

Empaths are different kind of people and they have very strong emotions, many times, the emotions of other people. The problem is empaths often will become overwhelmed or burnt out faster than other people.

Empaths are great listeners and most of the time when someone has a problem, it is the empath that they go to so that they can help solve their problems. They are very caring and compassionate people and they are able to feel the situations of others.

Empaths are understanding of their environment and they take in the energy that other people and objects leave. These feelings can cause them to have pain and burdens and so they are often depressed or tired because of their sensitive emotions.

Empaths have strong emotions and are very sensitive and they react differently to situations than other people do. They do not usually act normal and they feel the energies that other things give off.

There are different types of empaths and most of them have different ways that they feel things or act differently, depending on what kind of empath they are. Here are some of the different empaths:


An empath that is claircognizant will have the ability to know things. They will know the answers to things without having a real reason why.

This kind of empath is able to know what to do and they are able to understand the energies of people around them without asking questions.


Psychometric empaths are able to get energies from objects such as pictures or locations. They are able to know what is going on in those places by reading the energy of these things.


The flora empath is able to communicate with plants and get information from them. They know what plants need and they can be intimate with them.

Most flora empaths have a green thumb and are able to grow things and help plants to survive.


Fauna empaths are able to communicate with animals. They can communicate and send messages to animals and the animals can tell them when they need something.


This kind of empath is able to read signs and signals from the earth. They use the soil to know when bad things are happening such as natural disasters. This can include earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural things.


An empath that has the gift of telepathy is able to talk to others without words. They use their mindpower and are able to speak to people and to read their thoughts and feelings.


The precognitive empath is able to tell the future before something happens. They can sense these things through dreams or visions.

Empaths can become highly anxious and nervous when they have dreams that predict the future.

Emotional Empaths

Emotional empaths are able to read the emotions of others and they know when someone is feeling a certain way.

Physical Empaths

A physical empath is able to feel the pain someone else is feeling. If someone has a stomachache, the empath might feel it.

They are also able to know when someone has something wrong with their health.


Some mediums are empaths, and this means they are able to communicate with those that have passed on.


All of these different empaths are able to communicate or do a reading with someone, depending on what kind of empath they are.

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