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Angels of Love

There are many different types of angels, some of which you may not have heard of in life. Each angel is dedicated to a specific area, such as relationships and love. An angel’s name is not important to the actual Angel, but this article will share the names, gemstones, colors, and ways in which each can be connected to so that they may help you in your personal relationships. This can include anything from reconnecting with someone to finding a twin flame or simply drawing a lover closer to you. For each area, a specific Angel exists.

Though some believe calling on the wrong Angel will damage a relationship, it is about your intention, not a proper name. Angels respond to your call for help, not a name or specific want and desire.

Difficult Times in a Relationship? Call on Ariel

Ariel is traditionally displayed in misty silver colors and is best called in the week following a full moon or any Monday. Ariel is believed to bring new spiritual heights to a relationship with his ability in making deeper love making connections or to prevent cheating. He is also believed to help create a lull or break from difficult arguments.

In order to connect with Ariel, use a blue candle and blue gemstones of your choosing. Citrus scented incense will further draw the energies closer as you speak to him. It is always best to hold the gemstone while lighting the candle and speaking to Ariel about your concerns and wants. Though his response will be subtle, a massive transformation in your partner or yourself could be experienced. Neither of you may be able to understand where this originated.

Do you need passion or a fertility boost? Call on Atliel

Atliel’s appearance is that of beautiful silver and gold. Atliel is best contacted during a full moon if someone wishes to increase fertility, adopt, or wishes for support and comfort while giving birth. Atliel can also revive passion in a relationship. The candle chosen for this Angel is dependent upon the need. Fertility related issues should use a silver candle, but passion increase should utilize a red candle. Rose or floral scented incense will bring peace and fulfillment as you speak to Atliel. When asking for his assistance, you will feel suddenly peaceful and taken care of in a gentle way. The feeling is typically instant and washes over you.

Looking for New Love of Friendship? Call on Darachiel

Darachiel is unique in that he is typically represented with a crescent moon halo and clothed in a silver appearance. Darachiel is best called on a Monday or on a waxing moon as he can bring new love or friendship. Darachiel is also known to help when love needs to be kept or remain secret as he carries no judgment. He can further help heal obstacles to love that may be in your way. When contacting Darachiel, it is best to use incense that is lemon scented and a silver candle that is lit to invoke his wisdom about your personal situation. A yellow gemstone of any type and form can also aid in contact.

Want to Find True Love? Call on Donquel

Donquel is also known as the Twin Soul Angel that aids in finding true love. When looking for your true love, this Angel will direct your steps and light the path. A Twin Soul is defined as your perfect partner that is determined by many lifetimes together to create the ultimate relationship. This is one of deep love, no fighting, and a perfect friendship. Donquel is said to appear as scarlet in color with wings that sparkle. He is best called on a Tuesday using a deep red candle and red gemstone. While any type of incense may be used, a bowl of water nearby is helpful in contacting Donquel. If you are uncertain about your current partner or your life path, Donquel can help as once he is invoked you will feel like everything has been taken care of in the area. The things you no longer need will fall away in preparation for true love as sent by Donquel.

Need a Love commitment? Call on Ergediel

Ergediel appears as a tall Angel robed in shimmering silver and gold that is a beauty to behold. Best contacted on the day before the full moon, Ergediel will aid in gaining a deep commitment from your partner. He is said to be present at every wedding that occurs, so he is perfect when you desire marriage or a deeper commitment. If your current partner is not who you are meant to be with, Ergediel will help your mindset so that you can easily transition. A moonstone or rainbow stone with a white candle is best for leading you in the right direction toward Ergediel.

Need Reconciliation? Call on Geliel

Geliel is the perfect choice when trying to reconcile with a lover and achieve harmony in a relationship. She is said to lightly shimmer in silver, gold, and purple. Geliel is best contacted on the last quarter of the waning moon or on a Monday, so be sure to talk with her about the problems and issues you desire to be solved. She will create a solution for you as you make contact with a lit pink candle and a pink gemstone such as rose quartz. Geliel does not judge or take sides, just solves problems.

Need Comfort? Call on Iris

Iris, also known as the Angel of the Rainbow, is a rainbow colored Angel that comforts those who have lost a loved one. The loss could have been the break-up of a relationship or to death, but she can bring comfort, strength, and a determination to move on in life. Iris can help you leave a poor relationship that is not meant for you through gentle nudges and thoughts or help start a new relationship with trust in the new partner, unhindered by the past. Iris is best contacted on a Saturday with lilac or multicolored candles and fluorite. Add rainbow moonstone or rainbow quartz to aid with the connection.

Want Lasting Love? Call on Mihael

Mihael is said to be beautiful with deep green wings and rapid movements. He is the Angel of lasting love and can also be sought to help find your soulmate that will be with you for life. Mihael encourages you to love yourself instead of using self defacing words as a way to attract a deep love as part of a healthy relationship. Remember, when you invoke an Angel for a specific purpose, you may have revealed to you that the one you are with is not who you are meant to be with, even though you felt they were. Mihael is best called on a Thursday with a blue or green candle. Lapis Lazuli or emerald stones are ideal for this powerful Angel. His very strong presence can be felt as you read him a letter you have written for him and then immediately go out and bun it following the reading. He will start to work immediately.

Want Romance? Call on Rachiel

Rachiel handles romance and family loyalties. The deep pink Angel has long golden wings and will help with finding someone new or overcoming nerves in a relationship. It is said Rachiel should be called on when you desire extra fun, love, and romance or meeting a fun new stranger when out enjoying time with friends. Though Rachiel can be contacted any day, Friday is his favorite. A pink or gold candle and pink gemstone or gold jewelry will help you connect with this Angel that will get you excited about life and love.

Need to Let Go? Call on Requiel

Requiel is the Angel you call on when you need to let go of an abusive partner or destructive relationship and simply move on. No one can hurt, use, or abuse you without your say so, so call on Requiel for added strength. A large, protective Angel, Requiel is said to be deep purple or indigo. Light a purple or dark blue candle and then pour your heart out to him so he can offer instant support and pave the way out of the situation. To sure up your faith, keep opals or celestite gems as you contact him.

Issues with Quarrels or in the Family? Call on Sereda

Sereda is a motherly type of Angel who can mend an argument between family members that has led to cold heartedness. Sereda is known to be especially helpful to single parents dealing with an ex, but helps in any situation that involves parents nad children. Sereda is seen as a beautiful shade of yellow with apricot colored wings who brings those of different backgrounds together. A golden brown or apricot colored candle and tiger eye or amber gemstones will aid in contact and deepen the connection. She can also be called on when harmony is required between families and step-parents.

What to Do

When calling on Angels for romantic help, it is best to have a dedicated spot. This way, gemstones, candles, incense, and statues or pictures of the Angel can be placed to make the area extra special. Energies will build in this dedicated spot as you concentrate on what is really wanted. Angels will be more likely to respond quickly due to the dedication and the process will be easier.

Writing letters to the Angels requires specificity on what you want to happen as a way to connect. Over time, with more writing to the Angels, you may find a question is answered a you write it out. Furthermore, lighting incense can be helpful. The burning candle can be helpful as you put your wish into the universe and show your intention in the matter. The Angels will fully support you and offer quick care.

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