Understanding Shadow People
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Understanding Shadow People

Are you ever sitting there watching tv and you see something in your peripheral vision? These things can be humanoids or figures that are known as shadow people. They can be scary to people that see them. No one is quite sure exactly what these things are though.

What is a Shadow Person?

People often describe a shadow person as a figure that looks like a human but also looks like a shadow. These are known in texts such as folklore and they have been known in different cultures.

These creatures are sometimes called “djinn,” which is an Islamic teaching. Also, in the “Nalusa Chito,” or the Native American mythology, these are considered paranormal creatures. Even an author, Heidi Hollis wrote about shadow people believing that they have been around for years and years.

When someone is afraid of the dark, they might be more fearful of the shadow people. They often see things that they think are scary such as a blanket hanging on the back of a chair or a statue in a corner. But the truth is, how do they know if this is a shadow person or just something hanging or sitting?

Shadow people are part of the paranormal teachings. Some witches believe that they are ghosts or that they are negative spirits. But there are no real answers about this. Others believe that shadow people can come when someone is going through a psychic attack, and they can appear in different forms while others still believe that shadow people are extra-terrestrial beings.

No matter what you think these shadow people are, most agree that they have a bad reputation and that they make people scared or fearful. They are also known to be a thought of dread.

Science and Shadow People

Shadow people are sometimes thought to come out when someone goes through sleep paralysis. This happens when someone is asleep, but their mind is awake. When this happens, the person is normally not able to speak or move and it can be scary or make them feel that they are suffocating.

When a shadow person comes in your peripheral vision, it is a movement that people see and not really something that is in detail. This is why some people believe that this could be something that is just hanging there and not really a humanoid.

Seeing a Shadow Person

Many people are afraid that they will see a shadow person, but it is best to not be afraid of this. Don’t get fearful of what is happening around you, even if you see a shadow person. When you see them, the best thing that you can do is to ask your guides for spiritual protection and to stay grounded. Tell the shadow person not to bother you.

Even though a shadow person can be creepy, this isn’t a reason to be afraid. But if you find this happening over and over, you can try to do a spiritual cleansing and make sure that you are keeping your house free of spirits. If you can’t do this yourself, talk to a professional. You can cleanse your area and your home and make sure that the shadow people stay away.

Cleansing your area is easy and you can do things such as burning sage, keeping crystals close to you in your home and doing a ritual. If you feel that you need to do this, do it and feel calmness in your home.

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