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Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

Your spirito guides are there to help you and to guide you. As you learn to connect with them, you will see that they will be there no matter what you need and what you do. They are always going to be with you.

As soon as you incarnate to earth, you are given spirit guides that are there to keep you safe and to guide you.

Understanding Spirit Guides

Your spirit guides are there to help you and they are there to show you the right way to live your life. If you have ever had a near death experience or if you have been hypnotized, you might be at a different level when it comes to connecting with your spirit guides.

Your guides are there toe guide you and they are your companion when you are on earth and when you cross over. They are there to teach you and will help you to have your experiences as they support you and guide you. They will help you to figure out what your talents are and what your weaknesses are.

Each spirit guide is different, and they understand your personality and who you are. As you connect more strongly with them, you will see that they are there for you.

Who Is Your Spirit Guide?

Your spirit guide is someone that is there to watch over you and to help you to reach your higher self. They will help you to know who you are and where you have come from.

As you know your spirit guide, you will connect more with them. To do this, all you have to do is to ask your guide to give you answers and to show you who they are. They come to you in different ways and if you trust yourself and use your intuition then you will see that they are there for you.

How Did You Get Your Guide?

No one is quite sure how guides are assigned but they come to you as soon as you incarnate. They are there based on what kind of development you are in and what part of your journey that you are part of.

There are different kinds of guides, and each situation is different. You will experience them closer to you when you go through health problems or when you are facing challenges and then they will be stronger in your life.

There are different kinds of spirit guides including:

  • Ascended masters.
  • Nature spirits.
  • Spirit animals.
  • Family members.
  • Interdimensional beings.
  • Archangels.
  • Angels.
  • Wise woman.
  • Shamans.

Connecting with Your Guides

Connecting with your spirit guides is something that is easy to do, and it is very personal. You will see that as you listen to your intuition that you will be able to communicate with your guides.

You can ask your guides to help you with anything and they will be there to communicate with you. No matter what you ask, they will be there for you. Just as you realize that you are in a phyiscal world, they are there to show you that they too are there for you. Here are some ways that you can connect with your guides:


You can use your senses to help communicate with your spirit guides. They can respond to you, and you will see that you will be able to know that they are around by what you hear, see, taste, smell and feel.

Ask them to tell you their name and to be clear when they are helping you. Keep practicing this and trusting them and you will get images and thoughts that come when you ask them questions. These inner senses will help you and you will see that they are there and are focused on you.

Make sure that you trust your guides and that you practice talking to them and practice being close to them, and you will be surprised as how strong they come to you.


You can meditate in order to reach your spirit guides. You will see that they are open to you and that they want to reach out to you. As you meditate, you will be able to raise your vibrations and you will see that you can communicate with your guides, and they will give you, their attention.

Set strong intentions on what you want to do when it comes to speaking to your guides. You can find a quiet place to talk to them and as you are more aware of your surroundings in the spirit world, you will be able to talk to them.

Let your crown chakra be opened and make sure that you are open minded. You can get images that come to your mind as your guides communicate with you. Don’t doubt them. If you feel any sensations in your body, this can mean that your guide is there with you.

Write down everything that you feel and what you feel like your guides have told you.


Dreams are one strong way that your guides can communicate with you. This happens because you are most receptive when you are sleeping. They know that they can come to you, and you will listen.

If you are a lucid dreamer, you can see that you can see your guides and control what you are saying to them while you are sleeping. Most of the time people don’t take dreams very seriously and you will see that the brain will be more open to the dreams.

Dreams are a way that your body sleeps built your mind is open, and you can receive healing and talk to your guides when you dream. Look deeper into your dreams and what they mean. Ask your guides to come to you and to communicate with you. 

Always write down what you need to know and remember about your dreams and be as detailed as possible.

Automatic Writing

This is a way of divination that you can begin writing and write whatever you hear or feel. This is part of journaling, and it can help you to get rid of anger or other emotions that are holding you down.

Connect with your guides this way and ask your guides to communicate with you as you begin writing. Don’t worry about spelling things wrong. Practice trusting whatever comes to your mind and trust that you are getting the information that you need.

Signs and Symbols

Another way that you will know that you are talking to your guides is through signs and symbols. You will see as you communicate with your guides that they are there for you. You can ask them to give you a specific sign such as something in a certain color or a word and they can do that for you.

Open up your heart and mind and learn to have fun communicating with your guides. See that they can be there for you no matter what is going on in your life. Ask them to show themselves to you in strange ways and see what they come up with.

Maybe you want to see a certain color flower or a certain kind of insect. Your guides can help you to have this, and you can see that things are revealed to you.

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