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What Are the Colors of the Aura and Their Meanings?

People have auras and the auras are energy fields that give off colors of the energies that you are feeling. The colors will change depending on what you are doing or feeling, and some auras have more than one color at one time. Some people can see auras and they can see their own auras but not everyone can see it. No aura will look like anyone else’s. You can look at the two different people and the temperatures will communicate the aura based on the feelings that you are having. Being able to see aura colors does not mean that you are able to manifest magic.

You might be able to see auras, but you may be able to be aware that the colors are there. People have different sizes and shapes of their aura, and some will look like a bubble while others will look like a halo. The energy field that moves around the body will be the vibrations that people have around them. Sometimes the aura will give off a glow and sometimes it will give off something else.

If someone is positive and is happy, chances are that their aura will glow. If someone is broken hearted, their aura will be different and possibly darker.

People who see auras might understand the aura colors and the meanings of them while others need to take a closer look.

Auras on Objects

People and things have auras and when you can see an aura around an object then you can know the energy that the object gives off. Objects will have energetic imprinting which means that it will absorb the energy and it will affect it permanently. It can be something that you have used while you were happy such as playing ball and the ball will have good energy. You could get rid of negative energy by washing the object if you used it angry or while upset.

Seeing Auras

Most people know about auras and can feel them, but they cannot often see them. An aura is like an object in the room that helps you to use your senses to be able to see them with your minds eye. You have to pay attention to the energy around you.

If you don’t know how to see auras, think of someone that you are around that you can always pick up on their positive or negative energy. You might think that their body language is telling you that, but the truth is that you can use your psychic giftings to pick up on a person’s aura.

Reading Your Own Aura

Being aware and seeing your own aura is harder than seeing other peoples. When you think of your aura, what colors do you think that they are? Some people can meditate and see their own aura in their mind. One way you can do this is to sit in front of a mirror and meditate on your aura. You might not see it right away but take time to practice until you do.

How do you know what your energy is if you don’t see your aura. If you rub your hands together and you feel this energy, ask yourself what you need to do to know the color of it.

Figuring Out Your Aura Color

There are ways that you can find out your aura color such as getting a psychic reading. Some people have the gift of being able to see auras. Some people can get pictures taken and this can tell what the colors are.

Aura and Pictures

You can buy equipment that can get a picture of your aura. These are very expensive though and if you cannot see your aura, it would be best if you get a psychic reading and let someone else give you your aura colors. Or you can find a new age store and ask them to take a picture of your aura, and some can.

One thing about aura photography is that it was discovered in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian while they were in the hospital and saw electrodes on the camera that came towards their skin and caused them to glow.  They realized then that these pictures can read auras.

Changing Your Aura

Your aura color will change depending on how you feel. As your mood and feelings change your aura color will change. Do things that are positive to keep your aura colors strong. The best way to change your aura color is to control your energy and respond in positive ways even when things are hard.

When you see your own aura, you can learn to take advantage of your life. You can have better relationships, better jobs, better friends and more. You will be able to understand people better and you will learn to read other auras to see how you make people feel.

Cleaning Your Aura

The aura is a dirty place because it picks up your own emotions and the emotions of other people. If you want your aura to catch the negative feelings that you have or that come to you then you need to cleanse it. You can do this by doing rituals such as smudging or taking salt baths. This can change your energy.

Cleansing your aura will help you to have a better attitude and will help you to respond better in a positive way when things are causing you pain or hurting you. If you have a job interview, for example, a clean aura can help you to go in excited and to impress the person giving you the interview.

Having a good attitude will help to keep your aura colors strong. When you put out negative thoughts, you need to cleanse your aura from the negativity. People will be more positive to you when your aura is strong because you will be in more control.

Aura Colors

There is no specific color of auras, and you can change your aura often depending on your attitude. But each color does have a meaning and here are the different aura color meanings:

Red Aura

The red aura can mean that you are strong and passionate, and you can get what you want in your life. It can also mean you are tired.

Orange Aura

The orange aura means you have happiness, and you are sensual. It can mean you are a bold person and that you are happy with who you are.

Yellow Aura

The yellow aura can mean that you are smart and enthusiastic.

Green Aura

The green aura means that you are changing in your life and that you are giving to other people. It can also mean you work in the medical field.

Blue Aura

The blue aura means you are a healer and that you are at peace in your life. It can also mean that you communicate good.

Purple Aura

The purple aura means that you have strong intuition and that you are creative. It means you have dreams you want to reach.

Pink Aura

A pink aura can mean you are kind and loving and that you are open to your emotions.

Black Aura

This can mean that you are sick or grieving. It can also mean that you don’t like to share your feelings with others. This can be a good or bad color.

Multi-colored Aura

The rainbow aura means that you are a healer and that you can express yourself.


Do not waste time focusing on what your aura color is but more on seeing the auras of others. When you learn to see the auras of others you can help them to heal when they are lacking, and you can increase your own psychic giftings.

Learn to see what your aura says and what you are feeling and help others to heal and feel better in their life as well.

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