Twin Flame Relationships
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Twin Flame Relationships

Changes come when chaos happens and sometimes it is necessary. Many people get confused and thing that having a good life means that it would be easy but the truth is that when people go away from chaos, they become bored and realize that they are not able to take a better path in life. Chaos brings a life that sometimes can bring bigger and better things such as a twin flame.

When you have a twin flame connection with someone, you will see that your soul contract is being fulfilled. Our life gives us a path and we think that we are on the right path but sometimes things change, and this happens because our soul is not where it should be.

We make choices in our life based on how we are raised and sometimes we think that if we follow our hearts then we will do what everyone expects and make everyone in our lives happy.

Then, your twin flame will come into your life and these kinds of soul contracts will come and change life from easy to hard. This can redirect your heart path and it will change how you look at your job, relationships and even your marriages. Things big and small will change.

Twin flames do not always come in your life right away, they sometimes come when you are growing and on a journey with a different purpose. Twin flames are there to trigger your feelings and to upset you and to cause chaos in your life.

By staying who you are means that you will never be who you are meant to be. There are times when your twin flame comes in your life and messes up the relationships that you are in. They do things and push themselves in your life.

Once you develop this twin flame relationship, it will never be able to be screwed up, even if it feels that way. Twin flames will travel through different parts of life and will reach awakening and ascension and there will be trips on your journey that might hurt you or cause your ego to swell. This is a way that you can feel that your twin flame is ruined but it is only part of your path.

This means that everything, including your twin flame relationship, will happen at the right time. This relationship cannot be messed up and there is a plan from the universe that comes in your life. Your fear of being something different might hold you back but with your twin flame in your life, you will find that you are less afraid.

Sometimes a relationship with your twin flame can be hard. There are times you or your twin flame might be a runner and there will be a chaser. Unless the two of you move to a certain place in your life, you will not be able to reach ascension or you will not get your vibrational frequencies the same.

Many people believe that twin flames are not supposed to be there in your life and that when they are hard, they separate, and this is not true. The twin flame comes and will reunite with you because you are a shared soul that has broken into two parts. Even when there is a runner and chaser phase of your life, you will join back together so that you can continue your journey that you started.

The twin flame is not there to develop you only, they are there to raise your mind and to help you find unconditional love and to reach your higher self.

Twins are meant to be there to help you and encourage you and they are there to help you change. Twin flames are meant to be in your life, and this should not end as a feeling of helplessness but a feeling of connection. This happens when you can be logical with your relationship but see that it is a spiritual thing.

Twin flames are not from the world, but they are from the spiritual world. One twin will sometimes treat the other person in a bad way, and they will blame each other for their hurt feelings and their problems sleeping. They will be part of all the things that you do good in your life and even things that are bad or hard.

When the chaser leaves and feels wounded by the runner, this proves that you are not ready for unconditional love and that you have to develop through the stages so that you can learn to love one another.

Instead of seeing this for what it is, we become hard on ourselves and we become sad and scared. We feel that we missed the destiny before us, but the truth is, you cannot change fate. You can hide form it and run from it, but you will always see your destiny in front of you.

Twin flames will reunite with you and they will help you to awaken and to shift into a different mindset. The love of your twin flame can help to change your life and your world, and this is what the universe wants.

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