How to know whether your premonitions are true
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How to know whether your premonitions are true

Several individuals experience both ordinary and life-changing premonitions.  A week before the World Trade Towers attack, I dreamt I was in the building rushing about looking for an escape route. People were rushing all over trying to escape. The dream was true. I have come to link it up with prophetic dreams.

Other premonitions are less emotion-infused and more ordinary

I was making coffee the previous day in the morning when a client popped into my mind, somebody I have interacted with for years. This thought tells me the client is thinking about me and will contact me, and for sure, I got an email today. It informs that we can receive thoughts from people before they even contact us.

You also can sense the future

Even if you don’t know, you have probably experienced intuitive signals coming to you and they are mixed with your other thoughts. You will notice premonitions happening to you if you continuously become aware of their possibility to occur.

They are part of our evolutionary advantage

One of the most respected scientists of all time Cornell professor Daryl Bem has been researching psychic ability in ordinary individuals for 20 years. His findings indicate that an average person senses the future before it transpires. He noticed that men are good at sensing future sexual opportunities while women are good at sensing future danger. He says this has made it easier for our species to survive and calls it an evolutionary advantage.

The distinction between real premonitions and anxiety

According to security specialist Gavin DeBekker, when you are in danger, a powerful knowing exists and will fill you and direct you. Resonance signs such as goosebumps and chills will arise in your nervous system. You will be alerted and might feel that someone is guiding you through the danger.

Whatever you’ll feel afterward might just be plain anxiety or unnecessary worry. Anxiety is that energy in your body that doesn’t have anywhere to go. It’s not psychic but just an overreaction to something that came from trauma years back.

How to increase your premonitions chances

Intuition occurs when we are not disturbed. Work on quieting your mind if you want to receive those signals more and more. The only way to do this is by unplugging from daily stress. Get into meditation where your only focus will be your senses.

 Your senses are like an antenna to the world

You will become more intuitive if you practice these moments of presence often. When I have been on a meditation retreat for many days and when I sit in meditation before bed, I experience powerful visions. However, this is not the same as premonitions. Reading the future is all about focus, especially on a target.

Premonitions happen to you. They aren’t just created by meditating the future

I try reacting with wisdom and perspective towards premonitions when I get them. I need to be present and calm because of that. This is because, when I feel energies on the horizon, I’m likely to react fearfully and that’s not productive.

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