Reincarnation and the Past Life
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Reincarnation and the Past Life

If you feel that you are uncomfortable with who you are, you might feel that you are in a dream or a strange place.  Do you feel that you are drawn to some things that you have never seen before or that things feel familiar to you, but you don’t know why?  You could be experiencing parts of you past life.

One evidence of reincarnation is love at first sight and déjà vu.  This is said that when things are in the past, they stay there, and the future is its own time.  Some believe that past lives are not real and that even though this might be true, this can also not be what you believe.

Some believe that reincarnation affects your past and your future.  They believe that what is true now might be true in a different dimension or what is false might be true in a different dimension.  They believe that there is only one time and space and that our soul will bring up our past life in our sleep.

It is believed that our imagination is triggered when we see something from our past life.


Ask yourself who you were in your past life and what you did.  Let your mind be free and let your ideas flow and see what you feel and see.  Have a clear mind so you can get a clear answer.  You don’t have to be a great meditator or a psychic for this to work.


Get evidence through your meditation and take notes of what you saw.  You might smell something different or visit someplace that you thought you were at before.  The mind will repeat what you did in your past.

Open Mind

Make sure that you always have an open mind and you can live a life now and have lived a long time ago as a grandma or something else.  Small details are what you need to pay attention to.

Past Life Board

Look at different information and post it on a board so when you are meditating that you can post things on the board that you felt or saw.  If something is cold to you then it can be part of a place that you have visited in the past such as snow or an icy mountain.  This can also happen with warm feelings.  All things can be significant.

Complete It

Once you meditate and get information, you put it on the board.  This can let you see and then things might make sense to you.  This can be a way for self-discovery, and you will find things that you will never know, or you wouldn’t have known before.

Try to follow the steps to find out who you were in the past and try to figure out the gaps that are missing.

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