Spend your time with people that make you happy
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Spend your time with people that make you happy

Although I’m not an extrovert person, spending time with people I enjoy really fuels my energy ad makes me happy. When you find people in your life who “enjoy you,” it’s important to hold them and never let go.

I’m grateful that I still have great friends from childhood even though we don’t see each other often. But at the time we catch up, it feels like no time has passed. I’m happiest when I spend quality time with my people laughing, letting loose, and getting away from daily routine.

Happy people often have people that support them. Some have strong family ties, and some have a network of friends. It’s not about how many people around you, but about having a few people you can rely on in hard times.

The bond that connects you with your family is made of respect and joy. If you were not blessed enough to have a family to support you, go out and create your own. Gather friends who make you feel good.

Once you have good people in your life, nurture your relationships. We all agree that it’s a lot easier to lose a friend than to make one. Keep in touch with your loved ones, offer sympathy and encouragement and don’t call them only if you need something or you are looking for support. Make time for your friends and schedule them on your calendar.

It’s also a good idea to invite your friends or family members to do something specific that you know they would enjoy and don’t just ask to hang out together, which can make them less likely to accept. And if they do want to hang out but don’t want to do the activity you proposed, they’ll likely accept with a different idea, which still giving you a chance to hang out.

Another good idea to have better connections with people around you is by giving to them. Giving to others can enrich your life and give you a feeling of purpose. Whether you donate time or money. This way you’re not only helping others have a better life, but also helping yourself have a better life too. Many people say that pending money on others usually makes them happier than spending that money on themselves. You can donate services too like walking the dog for your sick friend, visiting an elderly neighbor or helping a friend prepare for a family occasion can all increase your sense of well-being.

Do five small acts of kindness a day and record how you feel afterward. Open the door for an elderly person, give change to a homeless person, say please and thank you and feed a stray dog. Small acts of kindness don’t require much time or effort but can make a better world for both you and the recipients.

Don’t wait for happiness to come to you and create your own moments and memories and share it with the people you love.

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