Signs of a Lightworker
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Signs of a Lightworker

Lightworkers are powerful as individuals and are uniquely gifted. They have the capacity to change the world completely in very fundamental ways. This is because they naturally vibrate on a high frequency and can read others easily. Beyond this, they have a life purpose that moves well beyond personal growth. Being a lightworker can mean lots of things for relationships and career if you can identify whether you have actual lightworker characteristics. Then this information can be used to inform decisions.

There is a chance that you are already thinking about whether or not you have the qualities of a lightworker or perhaps you may just want to know what a lightworker is. Maybe, you have felt a bit different, but did not know why. This guide can help.


The basic lightworker definition is that such people have a global mission. Additionally, lightworkers pursue their own fulfillment to help others or the world as a whole. Consequently, lightworkers feel an overwhelming urge to use personal resources to assist others to a fault. They then to be the advice givers in a group that tend to bring healing. This is usually present at a young age as they are recognized as unusually perceptive and loving very early in childhood.

Lightworkers have highly refined empathy levels that allow them to recognize subtle changes in the feelings or moods around them. This is useful, but can be overwhelming for a lightworker. They may struggle at times to separate personal emotions from those of others. This sensitivity means they need to be highly aware that burnout can happen without notice. This can lead to not fulfilling a global mission because resources are gone.

Could I be a Lightworker?

You may be wondering if you fall into the lightworker category, along with many other questions. Lightworkers do have a global mission, but can still form lasting relationships an have happy lives. There are several types of lightworkers that will explained, at least overall, but there are also specific sub-categories that may fit you specifically. Please note that there are hybrid lightworkers that encompass more than one type.


The gatekeepers are lightworkers that ensure love continues to go through the world. These individuals are well aware of the hard work, dedication, and openness that this job entails. It is of great importance. Without gatekeepers, love can be blocked and spirituality muted. Gatekeepers, due to their global mission, often seek out jobs that promote peace, equality, and compassion. This could be at the governmental level or something on a smaller, local scale. Jobs like family mediators or yoga teachers would qualify.


Lightworkers are natural healers, but those in the healer category are even better and more capable. Often, they need just s short time with someone to make a huge difference in their emotional pain. This increased capacity comes with more sensitivity. This group is much more prone to becoming overwhelmed by dealing with others. However, once this is moderated, they become highly effective. Common jobs for this group are caring professions. This can include nursing, medicine, psychology, or even childcare.


Lightworkers who are messengers, also called guides, are especially talented in communicating important messages to the world. Their global mission is to use their skills to share love and enlightenment while boosting the world’s collective vibration for mankind. This can manifest in many ways. Some serve as public figures, motivational speakers, or even as life coaches. Others may work as writers, musicians, or artists who put their message out through creative ventures. Regardless of profession, messengers are persuasive and charismatic using their powers to create positive change.


The lightworker bible makes recurrent references to the seer types. This is then associated with predictive and intuitive powers that allow these individuals to see into the future. When these abilities are practice and controlled, they can understand where they need to go to make the most significant outcomes. They can further help others find the right path. Seers may struggle with the immense responsibility that goes with knowing the outcome of each personal choice. They tend to mature into individuals who spread encouragement, harmony, and help others find authenticity to create change quickly.


Neutralizers are just as they sound, those that turn something bad into good. They face the darkness head on and make it positive and light filled. This means that neutralizers can tackle nearly every personal life challenge, even when it seems hopeless. With respect to the mission, this group tends to move toward crisis management jobs or areas where high conflict is likely. Something such as emergency services is not uncommon.


The dreamer lightworker does not accept things as they are, but believes in the capacity for transformation. They will push the boundaries physically and spiritually to extreme levels. They are always on a journey, literal or metaphorical, and can become restless if in the same place too long. They are inventors, explorers, and pioneers. Their global mission is to broaden the horizons of humanity in various ways. They are likely to generate new solutions to issues and offer new perspectives.


This group continually search for something more as driven by a sense that something important is just out of sight. They ensure people do not give up and broaden the vision for humanity in the future. Adventurers never give up on better, even when things are good. Adventurers ensure that civilization is on a continual upward path.


The powers of lightworkers are suited to the use of the Law of Attraction. This is most true of the manifestor subtype. They can see intricate truths about reality at broad levels and in intricate connections as they adapt their energy to get what is wanted. Their mission is of world improvement that is used for the good of others. This group is often comprised of teachers and spiritual leaders that help others manifest their goals.

Traits of a Lightworker

Now that an understanding of the subtypes of lightworkers have been shared, you need to understand what it means to be one. This includes the different types of lightwork and specific signs. Though the traits can vary, some are common to all subtypes.

  • Healers – Even if not in the healer subtype, all lightworkers are healers at heart, being especially empathetic in their responses to others. This also includes self-healing, but is usually focused on a broader level. This healing is often linked to touch, a hug being special and comforting or holding a hand to bring peace.
  • Spiritual Practices – Most lightworkers will desire and reach a higher plane and have a strong sense of faith. This does not necessarily mean religion of a specific type as many adapt in multiple areas to fit their needs. This manifests in general, universal faith with a deep satisfying sense of your place in the world.
  • Natural Manfestors – Focused on the Law of Attraction with time spent focused on sustained growth, manifestors naturally pick up techniques of positive thinking and creative visualization with an ability to manifest in their own lives. Though anyone can achieve this, manifestors will show an early affinity in this behavior.
  • Truth and Deeper Meaning – Lightworkers want underlying meaning in all experiences. They are not satisfied with basic explanations. This can set them apart in conversations as they have more patience than most others. This is exhibited in natural curiosity and a commitment to finding the truth, even when it is confrontational. Lightworkers will be honest with themselves and others, highly aware of deception of any kind.
  • Sensitivity – Lightworkers are sensitive to the world around them. The ability to identify dissonance between what is said and felt, as well as what people really want. This causes people to gravitate toward you and find resource in you as part of their lives. A natural counselor and authority, these lightworkers are fountains of wisdom when it comes to the hardest of questions. This group is most likely to feel completely drained when not caring for themselves.
  • Close to Nature – Most lightworkers recharge in nature as they feel at peace. This causes this group to gravitate to the sea of countryside. Some may see animals gravitate to them or have a great ability to grow things. This is due to being attuned to the world.
  • Outcast or Loner – Being a lightworker has benefits, but many times they feel like outcasts. This different feeling was likely present even in childhood due to a deep understanding of the universe. Others may gain from them, but they get less in return. However, when two lightworkers come together, the relationship can be satisfying at deep levels.

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