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Energetically Clear Your Space Using Sage

Spiritual hygiene is about taking care of your body and space spiritually. This is as important as mental and physical hygiene, but it is something many people overlook. One great way to take care of our spiritual space is through the burning or spraying of sage. Sage has become a common household tool with more people learning about holistic healing methods, but those who burn it do not know exactly what they are doing with it or how it is helpful. You must learn to be strategic in saging by focusing on the homes or offices that are the most highly trafficked.

Below are some ways to use sage to help your spiritual hygiene the best to help rid your space of bad vibes:

Know the History

Understanding the history of the use of sage is important before using it for cleansing. Burning sage is one of the purest and oldest methods of cleansing a space, a person, or a group of people. It has been documented as far back as prehistoric times. The type of sage you want to use is known as California White Sage or White Sage Smudge Stick. It is important to buy ethically cultivated, high-quality sage for smudging purposes. The intention and cultivation of the product matter.

Sage is capable of cleaning the bacteria in the air and sage smoke offers a rapid delivery to the brain. This allows for an efficient absorption to the body. Science has shown that sage is able to clear up to 94% of airborne bacteria in a space, disinfecting the air. When sage is burned, it releases negative ions which can put people in a good mood. Sage is further associated with wisdom, spiritual awareness, and clarity.

Burning Sage

Before you light sage, open a door or window so the unwanted energy has a way to get out. Before you light the sage, ask the spirit or negative energy to leave through the opening both in your mind’s eye and out loud. Then, prep for burning by having an abalone shell to hold the sage and a feather to fan and spread the smoke while it burns. If a shell is not available, find something fireproof and easy to hold. When you are ready to burn the sage, hold it as far from the end as possible. Hold at a 45 degree angle, light it, let it burn about 20 seconds then blow it out to the point you see only orange embers at one end. Then the clearing can begin.


If in a no smoke zone, try sage spray as an alternative. This travels easily and smells wonderful. If the scent of sage is not for you, Palo Santo, copal, or sweetgrass are great alternatives. These are all great for being out of town in hotel rooms or in a new place. No matter what you choose, the method is much the same. Set your intention, open a door or window, and then start smudging or spraying.

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