Your Future and Elements
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Your Future and Elements

Think of things that are important to you.  Most people do not realize that there is energy on all sides of the landscapes in life and the things that you choose will affect your future.  Your past is part of your life and there are different elements that have been chosen that have changed your life.

Element Scape

When you look at an element and you choose one such as the wind then you will need to understand what each one of them means.

Earth with Water

When you are stable in your time of life and there are times that things were hard, know that peace is coming to you.  Enjoy your life for a while because the universe is getting you ready for a time of quiet.  Those that are close to you will bring you happiness and will be secure in you and it is a time for you to relax and be yourself.

Enjoy being with people and having strength and being outgoing.  This is a time to strengthen your health.  The water and the earth are energies that are feminine and so you are not to act, just relax.


The earth element or the number 2 is that your health and your body are good.  The energies that you have in your spiritual body or your home will change, and you need to learn to make physical changes as well.  Start a diet and join an exercise program.

Go and make friends with your body and think about changing the things around in your home.  Plan to decorate the inside and start a new gardening project.  The earth is a feminine power and your relationship with other women will get better.  You will attract gifts and money.

Earth with Fire

After you have taken time to rest, you will come to a place where you want to create.  The fire of ideas will come and stir in you and you will have a passion to do something else.  Pay attention to the lights that come and the exciting times.  Get ready to get rid of old people that don’t want to be around you and vice versa anymore.

You will see that you are clearing out things like your clothes and you are getting things cleaned around your home and work.  The earth is a feminine power and the fire is a masculine power and sow these two will align together.

Fire with Earth

You will have new passions in the world, and you will have new ideas.  There will be actions that you take, and you will tell others of your ideas.  You will start a new project.

New people will come to your life and you will be shaken up but not in a bad way. They will help you to release your tensions.  Fire is a masculine power and earth is a feminine power so you will find that you will accomplish more in the physical world.

All Fire

Fire is positive and makes you have a stronger spirit.  You will get inspiration and you will have so many thoughts that you will not be able to sleep. This is a time where your thoughts will guide you to your passion and you will be able to be in control of all of your future.

You will see that your relationship is becoming sexual and you will need to have prepared for this.  You won’t be able to get rid of your sexual expression and you will become irritated about this.  You will have sexual frustration and you will have to be careful about people coming in your life.  Fire is a masculine power so you will attract new men into your life.

Fire and Wind

If you still have strong passions, you will have more control and reason now.  You will be able to do whatever you thought you would never do.  You will master things in your life.  You will be able to hold the fire and to see it being real.  There will be promises and positive changes in your situation and your relationships will be positive.

Fire and wind are both masculine energies and your relationships will most likely be with men.

Wind and Fire

You are being drawn int new concepts and begin planning things in advance.  You will have a strong relationship and you will discover a lot of commonalties with someone you meet.  You will have a lot of ideas to exchange and you will become very good friends.

The wind and fire are both masculine powers and your new relationships will likely be men.

All Wind

Picking the wind means you will have a lot of changes in your life.  You will not be able to make up your mind and life will keep changing moment by moment.  You will have legal decisions to make and you have to calm down before you decide.

Don’t take things too seriously and don’t be upset by what people say.  Make things up in your own mind.  Wind is a masculine power.

Wind and Water

There will be changes in your life that are emotional and you will have a life that feels hard. You will want to have power and use your emotions to get you where you want.  You can use your anger to make changes.

Listen to your heart and your head because they are both giving you good information about your thoughts.   This can indicate that you will have problems from someone in your past or a family member about something from a long time ago.

Wind is a masculine power and water is a feminine power.

Water and Wind

Being in a position of moving and understanding things that are rational.  This will have happened for a while, but you will not have known it until now.  Your head is catching up with what your heart is saying, and you are making new solutions to the problems you have.

Your emotions are working and changing.  Water is a feminine energy and the wind is a male energy.  These two will work in opposite of each other and heal you.  Expect more people to help you and work through your situation.  Do not worry about the changes that are coming they will be okay, and you will find out they are good.

All Water

You will go into a deep place in your soul and it can be scary, but you will have to experience feelings that you have pushed away for so long.  You are in the part of the journey that seems dark, but you will find yourself and move through it.  Keep the light shining and you will find good gifts that can help you to have a better life.

Water is a feminine energy and it will feel like someone is dying but the sun is just setting, and new energies are coming your way.  You have to let go of things and let good luck flow.

Water and Earth

You are in a place where things have been hard but now things are settling down.  You will have a psychical creation and stick to your plans.  You will have new creation and inspiration and you will have ideas that work on your plan.  You are very smart.

You have gotten this far, and things will be better.   You will find people that want to come into your life and help you and have fun with you, most likely women.  Stop being so serious and enjoy your life.  Water and earth are both feminine energies and they will help to make your plans work out.

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