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Keeping Your Mind Quiet When You Meditate

Everyone is busy and their minds are always moving and working. It is harder to have a quiet mind than almost anything.

Once you want to quiet your mind and you begin to do mindful meditation, you will see that your thoughts are still always moving here and there. You might even start thinking about things that are hard in your life or something about your past traumas.

When you try to be quiet and not think about things, you are still distracted by things going on in your life and in the world around you. This can leave you feeling like you are not able to do things good and you might not feel that you will ever reach your mediation goals.

Deciding to meditate is a thing that you have to practice. It can be frustrating at first but as you learn to work through it you will see that things will get easier.

When you want your mind to be quiet, it can be like listening to waves going back and forth on the beach. Your mind is there to give you thoughts and just like the rhythm of the ocean is back and forth, your thoughts are like that as well.

When you are meditating, you need to not get frustrated because you have things coming to your mind. Your mind is just doing what it is supposed to do. Instead of getting mad and frustrated, you have to let meditation come naturally and you will begin to see results. You will see that you can get past the distractions in your life.

Knowing Your Mind

When you do meditation that is mantra based, you can repeat a mantra over and over. A mantra is something that you can use when you are not good at quieting your mind yet. This will help you to get deeper in your meditation and will help you take away your thoughts and replace them with positive things.

As you say the mantra over and over, you will still have thoughts, but your mantra will overpower them. Being silent in meditation shows you how much your brain is working but as you do mantras, you can think about the love and peace that you have. When your mind is quiet and you are using mantras, it can bring you a clear mind and help you to see how great the universe really is.

Once you get a calm mind, you will see that your mind is full of chatter. It helps you to see why being quiet is important sometimes. It helps you to look at the mind from a deeper perspective. Once you start meditating, you will see that you can get out of the things in your daily life that cause you to have to think constantly and it can help you to have a peaceful mind for a while. It helps you to see how important being quiet is.

When you learn to meditate, you might get frustrated because it doesn’t work perfectly right away. Then as you see how important it is, you will see that you can take the quietness of your mind and you can put the peace all throughout your body. Instead of being angry, you can learn to be more loving with yourself.

Trusting You

People that first start meditating are often frustrated because of all the thoughts that they have. They have a hard time getting rid of their thoughts and it causes stress. They keep trying to keep their mind quiet and they are never able to do that, and they forget to accept themselves and to treat themselves with love and forgiveness. Once you learn to do this, you can love yourself more and learn to be humorous even with yourself.

When you are afraid to try something new, you have to give it a try to see how it works for you. Let your life move on and trust that your inner being will keep you safe. You will see that you need to let go, and you need to stop fighting against your own mind. Let things come to you and let the flow of the universe embrace you.

Go deeper into your meditation until you are able to get your mind silent and to be at peace with yourself.

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