Spotting scams and fake psychics
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Spotting scams and fake psychics

It’s not news to anyone that sometimes people will pretend to be a psychic to take advantage of people. It has only become more prevalent now that there online psychic services.  Because there are so many sites available it can be daunting to try and search out a legitimate reader.

To avoid being taken advantage of you can take a few steps to protect yourself:

Look carefully at the site

Only use trusted sites and platforms. Make sure the site you pick is connected to a known and reputable company. The technology should be easily accessible and there should be sufficient access to customer service.  If anything about the site seems sketchy, you should stay away.  Check every aspect of the service they provide. There should be a description of the service and biographical information on each psychic.

Know how to spot a fake

Once you have picked a psychic on a good site, make sure that you are not being taken advantage of. Look at the details of the psychic on the site. What information is on the website? Does it seem legitimate?  Do they seem to like what they do? Is their picture on the site? A real psychic won’t hide behind a tarot image.

Most of all,  be wary of any psychic who offers an 100% guarantee. If their claims sound too good to be true, they probably are.

What method do they use?

A real psychic will be upfront about their methods. They should tell you on the website. They will tell you what tools they prefer. They will tell you how they interpret the tools to guide you. The psychic may use cards, such as Tarot or Angel cards.

They may also use Runes or astrology.   They may also be gifted with intuitive talents such as clairvoyance. Whatever they use, they should be upfront on the website about it.

Look at the reviews

If the psychic you have selected is on a legitimate website, they will have ratings and reviews on their psychics.  They will display the good ones and the bad ones. Check out their general rating and see what clients have to say about the ability and quality of the psychic. Don’t worry if the reviews seem exuberant. If a client had a successful reading, they will want to express it.

Listen to how they speak

If you want to avoid being taking advantage of you can start with your first encounter with your psychic. If anonymous chat is an option, reach out to your psychic that way. This way they can judge you on anything and they can’t glean any information you don’t want them to have.  They will need to use their natural skills to get information.

Another advantage to the chat feature is that you will have a transcript of your reading. You will be able to go back and examine the dialogue. A false psychic will not want to chat for just this reason.

If you are having a face to face reading, don’t give too much away with your clothing and conversation. Pay attention to who is doing most of the talking. If you find your psychic asking too many questions, they may be trying to draw information from you rather from their spirit guides.

Other things to consider:

How long has your psychic been working?

If they have been practicing for several years and have many reviews, they are probably not going to try and take advantage of you.

No bargaining

Remember  that psychics are just like any other professional, they charge fair prices for their services and a psychic will charge as they see fit.

If you are on a reputable site and still can’t make up your mind ask for help

Customer service on the site may be able to help. All other things being equal, you can simply ask the customer service representative on the site to refer you to someone. Always remember that this is your reading and that you are allowed to pick and choose who works best for you.

Once you find a psychic that suits your needs, make sure you keep track of the contact information so that you can always return to them later. Don’t forget to help out your psychic by leaving a good review.

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