How do you know that you have Clairsentience or “clear feeling’?
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How do you know that you have Clairsentience or “clear feeling’?

Have you ever had a feeling which later turned out to be true? Like losing something and give up looking for it then you instantly remember where it is?

It has always been said that everyone possesses psychic abilities. Each individual has a sixth sense, which is intuition or a higher level of perception. Some individuals have more developed gifts than others and this intuitive ability can take all shapes.

Clairsentience is a well-known psychic gift. You can activate it without being aware. A lot of individuals who have it use it without knowing what’s happening.

What is clairsentience?

It can be translated to mean “clear feeling” it is the most essential of all intuitive skills. The notion that invisible things to our physical senses can be felt with our higher beings has been there for a long time. Clairsentience, therefore, is an extremely heightened form of empathy.

Clairsentience is the ability to experience and intuitively feel the vitality. This energy stream includes other individual’s feelings and spiritual insights.

Empathy is part of clairsentience and it pays attention to other individuals. An empath feels what other people are feeling. This is one gift that strengthens communication with the spirit.

Clairsentience can manifest itself in four ways:

  1. Instincts/insights/Gut Feelings

Sudden inspirations which appear out of the blues are clairsentience in nature. They can be sudden strong emotions which later causes reactions. These gut feelings may cause you to avoid someone without knowing why.

Frequently, through these feelings, you can sense danger very fast. They can at times inspire you or show you to avoid something. This feeling will not go away until you comprehend where it’s coming from or take action.

  1. Sympathy and Empathy

This is an intuitive psychic gift. It’s being able to pick up someone else’s feelings. They usually know and feel what the other individual is feeling. This can cause emotional issues.

  1. Physical Sensations

clairsentience catalyzes physical sensations in your body. It can tickle or pressure. That tingling feeling on top of your head has frequently been reported. In extreme cases, it might be physical pain.

At times, this physical manifestation usually directs your attention towards a particular individual or problem.

  1. Emotional Attachments

This is the most unusual clairsentience manifestation. They can be felt at a distance. You continue to feel connected even if the relationship has already ended. In any case, you are emotionally attached to somebody who is undergoing hard times, you feel them too. You are likely to be at the mercy of someone else’s highs and lows unless this attachment or energy link is severed. This can go on and on.

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