How psychic readings are made possible by psychic energy
Psychic Readings

How psychic readings are made possible by psychic energy

Energy is defined scientifically as precise measurable quantities or units of energy. For examples, energy can be measured in joules, calories, horsepower per hour just to name a few. On the other hand, psychic energy can’t be measured.  It doesn’t come in units, as there is no device that can be used to measure it.

Quite a number of people have asked me what psychic energy entails and its role when an accurate psychic reading is given.

Below are the answers. I hope you will understand well what psychic energy is and how psychic readings are made possible.

The flow of psychic energy during a reading

Accurate psychic reading is realized due to the presence of psychic energy. Rather, it’s difficult to get a successful reading without the presence of psychic energy.

Do not forget that during a psychic reading, the psychic doesn’t read your mind in hours or seconds but he or she observes the psychic energy that radiates from you during the reading.

Reading an aura

One of the ways that a psychic can give a psychic reading is through an aura reading. The reader sees your aura and its colors by using his or her psychic abilities. Each and every color of the aura has a meaning.

Psychic energy is always there in your aura. This is due to the fact that these color are actually bioelectrical-magnetic fields that indicate your emotional state, attitudes, problems or concerns. These bioelectrical-magnetic fields that are produced by the body are a form of energy.

This is the energy that a psychic read during your aura reading.

Psychic readings by phone

Just because you are far away from your psychic reader, it doesn’t mean that they cannot read your energy.  Don’t forget that a psychic does not rely on the five senses only to have an idea of what’s going on around them.  A psychic reader is able to possess more than one ability. They can use these abilities to read an individual who is very far away in a remote place.

A reader who conducts readings through phone calls is able to see visions related to you and explain what those visions mean.

Spirits can also pass information through the reader. The psychic can also feel the emotions, moods, and concerns of the person being read through clairsentience.

All these psychic abilities are powered by the psychic energy from the spirit world.

Psychic energy vibrates at high frequencies

Some individuals are really doubtful of psychic readings because they think a reader bases his or her findings on the body language of the individual being read or the person’s facial expressions.

It’s very difficult to control emotions in a face to face setting.

Nevertheless, during a phone reading, a reader is unable to see or observe the body movements or facial expressions of the individual being read.

Akashic record reading

Other times, for a reader to understand well what’s going on in your life at the present, what happened in your life in the past and what the future holds, he or she reads what’s in the Akashic records.

A good psychic doesn’t have to see you physically in order to give you a reading. A psychic reader can discuss a lot with you as long as he or she is powered by psychic energy.

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