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Making Your Psychic Abilities Grow

No matter what you believe about psychic powers, chances are that you know that you have intuition, you just might not call it a psychic giftings. We all have some kind of psychic power and when we realize we have this power; we might just want to learn to increase and develop it.

The term psychic is a term that is often exchanged with the term intuition. This means that we are able to have powers to hear, feel, see or know things from the spiritual world, beyond what we see in the physical world.

Sometimes we have these powers, and we don’t even realize it or know why. Have you ever gone somewhere, and you felt that someone was looking at you? Or have you ever thought about someone and then all of a sudden, they called you? Maybe you have been in a place and you knew it was unsafe and you felt like you should leave.

All of these things a psychic gift and they are helping us to become stronger and to become a better version of ourselves.

Our intuition is there to guide us and to help us to make better choices. We live in a world where everything that goes on with us has to be a choice. We have to choose what kind of relationships we want, what kind of job we want to do, how we want to get stronger and more.

The changes that we experience and the ideas that we have are all part of our intuitive giftings. This affects our life and the lives of others around us.

If you know that you have a gift and you want to develop it, here are some things that you can do:

Open Minded

Learn to be open minded in what your skills are. Do not be afraid of having a psychic gift because it is a natural gift and is not scary. The gifts that you have are meant to lead you on a bigger path in life.

Learn to be open minded and explore your gifts without being afraid.

Read Energies

Take time to try to read the energies of people around you. If you get a bad vibe about someone, this can be part of your intuition and your gifting.

You can challenge your gifts by trying to figure out what people are thinking and feeling and tuning into their energies.

Then, ask people what is going on in their life and see if you are right. When you are in line at the store, try to tap into the energy of someone in line behind you and then talk to them and see if you were right.


Make predictions of how you think places that you are going will look. Do not look them up online but pick a place that you have never been such as a store or a restaurant and imagine how you think it will look.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself going to that place and then draw it out. Then, go to the place and see if you can compare and be right about what you expected.

Spirit Guides

Everyone has spirit guides that are there to help them and teach them and all you have to do is connect with them. Talk to your spirit guides and ask them to give you signs that they are real. Ask them to lead you on the right path in your life.

Let them confirm that you are going the right direction and ask them to give you a sign such as a purple butterfly in your path. You will know that the signs are from your spirit guides if you pay attention.

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